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31 rules passed at 2018 APHA Convention

On March 5, APHA national directors voted on 36 rule change proposals that advanced to the floor for consideration at the 2018 APHA Convention, which took place March 2–5 in Irving, Texas. Of the passed rules, most will go into effect with the 2019 APHA Rule Book, with the exception of any approved for early implementation.

Below is a summary of rules that were voted on at the 2018 APHA Convention; read the full details here:

The rules that were passed are:

SUMMARY: Bylaw change would require 60 days advance notice for any Executive Committee nominations coming from outside of the Nomination Committee.

CONTROL # GR-010: Passed
SUMMARY: To “freeze” new or amended rules for two years after the proposed rule takes effect.

CONTROL #GR-010-1: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows the Executive Committee to consider a rule change proposal submitted after the required deadline if they feel the rule change proposal is of such significance to the Association and/or breed waiting another year for submission would be harmful.

CONTROL #RG-015: Passed
SUMMARY: Removes the duplication of wording in both RG-015 and RG-055.

CONTROL #RG-020: Passed
SUMMARY: Removes the advancement requirement, which is no longer applicable.

CONTROL #RG-070-2: Passed
SUMMARY: To allow a horse with at least one APHA registered parent, one Paint trait AND one copy of the Tobiano gene to be eligible for Regular Registry status.

*Early Implementation

CONTROL #RG-070-4 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adds tobiano-specific characteristics to the list of Paint traits used in consideration of RG-070.E status changes if the horse has at least one tobiano parent

*Early Implementation

CONTROL #RG-115: Passed
SUMMARY: Remove reference to the semen permit requirement. The fee is no longer collected, per the Executive Committee, and there is no need for staff to collect the semen permit form.

CONTROL #SC-075: Passes
SUMMARY: Addresses excessive riding and training practices in the APHA rulebook Inhumane Treatment guidelines.

CONTROL #SC-165: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows Regular Registry and Solid-Paint-Breds to show together in all classes with a score card, but accrue APHA points separately.

CONTROL #SC-190: Passed
SUMMARY: Adds showmanship, 2-year-old longe line and 2-year-old in-hand trail to the exceptions noted for showing 2-year-old performance horses for Zones 12, 13 and 14.

CONTROL #SC-191: Passed
SUMMARY: To clarify that horses not performing the trot off portion of the longe line class will be disqualified.

CONTROL #SC-192: Passed
SUMMARY: To only allow a chain to be used under the chin or hanging from the halter in in-hand trail.

CONTROL #SC-195: Passed
SUMMARY: Clarifying Rule SC-195 to include half chaps as optional English attire.

CONTROL #SC-235: Passed
SUMMARY: Clarifies Rule SC-235 to include a belt as optional Western attire.

CONTROL #SC-261 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adds Green Reining.

CONTROL #SC-303-1 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adds Ranch Rail Pleasure, with greater detail.

CONTROL #SC-320: Passed
SUMMARY: Adds Calas and Colas as APHA-approved events in Mexico.

* Early Implementation: April 1, 2018

CONTROL #JU-000: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows Special APHA events to count towards APHA judge’s one show per year requirement. Also international judges do not have to judge one show a year to keep their card.

CONTROL #JU-000-1: Passed
SUMMARY: Removes scarves from the mandatory list of attire for judges.

CONTROL # AM-060: Passed
SUMMARY: Expands Amateur Walk-Trot year-end titles to a Top 20 award.

CONTROL #AM-090: Passed
SUMMARY: Adds performance halter for Youth and Amateur divisions. Also, adds Grand & Reserve Halter for Mares & Geldings in the youth division.

*Early Implementation

CONTROL #AM-120: Passed
SUMMARY: Aligns breakaway with calf roping regarding carrying of one rope and recoiling if second loop is needed. This change is also a safety factor.

CONTROL #YP-080: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows Youth 13&U exhibitors in Zones 12, 13 & 14 to show their horses, regardless of age, in a snaffle bit or hackamore.

*Early Implementation

CONTROL #YP-100 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adapts showmanship scoring system.

CONTROL #YP-105: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows any registered Paint to be shown in Lead Line classes.

CONTROL YP-110-3: Passed
SUMMARY: Allows Youth Walk-Trot exhibitors to cross over into other showmanship classes.

CONTROL #YP-115 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adapts hunt-seat equitation scoring system.

CONTROL #YP-120 (as clarified): Passed
SUMMARY: Adapts Western horsemanship scoring system.

CONTROL #YP-224: Passed
SUMMARY: Adds Novice Youth Top 20 awards.

CONTROL #YP-225: Passed
SUMMARY: Adds Novice Youth Honor Roll awards.


Full rule change text for those proposals passed at the 2018 Convention is available at apha.com/forms/rule-books.

The rules that were defeated are:

SUMMARY: Bylaw change would take the Executive Committee from 7 members to a 5 member committee and remove the offices of Vice-President and Immediate Past President.

CONTROL #RG-020-3: Defeated
SUMMARY: Competition license for solid Paint-bred horses that will let them compete in Regular Registry classes

CONTROL #RG-020-4: Defeated
SUMMARY: Allows solid Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds that carry a Paint pattern gene to be registered with APHA as a solid Paint.

CONTROL #SC-045 (as clarified): Defeated
SUMMARY: Requires horses on the Top 20 Youth, Amateur and Open lists earn points in a minimum of 3 classes during the current show year.

CONTROL #YP-110-2 (as clarified): Defeated
SUMMARY: Modifies Youth Walk-Trot age divisions


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