Academic Scholarship Application

Who are the students who receive Foundation scholarships? They are the hard-working young horsemen and -women you see striving every day to be the best both in the horse show arena and in their academic pursuits. The APHF offers dozens of academic scholarships each year; that’s $1,000 per year/renewable for four years. The number of new scholarships available each year is determined by the number of open scholarships (those that have been completed or non-renewalable due to grades).
For academic scholarship consideration, students must be a member of the AjPHA or APHA for the past three years, must be a graduating high school senior (or apply within two years of graduation), must pass a college entrance examination, provide three letters of reference and submit an essay explaining their educational plans. Once they have been granted a scholarship, they must maintain a “B”/3.0 or better grade-point average each academic year to be eligible for renewal.
Steps to apply for an American Paint Horse Foundation Academic Scholarship:

  1. Review application requirements on application form (requirements are all the same for every scholarship offered).
  2. If you meet requirements, completely fill out application.
  3. Mail completed scholarship application to APHA at the mailing address located on the front cover of application by March 1 of each year.
  4. Once application is received, the selection committee will review all applications. Those who are qualified will be ranked by a point system, and then the committee will select a scholarship listed above which best fits each particular student.

Scholarship Requirement Checklist (PDF)
Scholarship FAQs (PDF)
Scholarship Application Form (PDF)
Recommendation Form (PDF to print, fill out and return)
Recommendation Form (Online)
Email request for printed form to be mailed
Note: Not every scholarship is newly awarded each year, some are renewed awards. Several scholarships have preferences within the selection criteria, however if we do not have an applicant who meets those preferences we will choose a student out of the general pool of qualified candidates, which significantly increases everyone’s chance at being selected as a scholarship recipient.
Additional questions about the general scholarship application or process can be directed to the APHF at [email protected].