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Up your game with Markel APHA Professional Horsemen

Whether you’re looking for beginning riding lessons or an experienced trainer who can take you and your Paint all the way to the big leagues, check out our Markel APHA Professional Horsemen. Each and every one is an APHA member in good standing who has pledged to provide high-quality services with integrity, honesty and fairness.

So why should you consider an APHA Professional Horseman? We asked Jan Larsen of Kalispell, Montana, an equine professional with 42 years of experience and an APHA Professional Horsemen Committee member. Here are her top three reasons.

1. Professional Horsemen walk the walk. 

If you are looking for an experienced and competent equine professional who treats both horses and humans ethically, start your search here. These esteemed men and women didn’t just skim the Code of Ethics; they live by those guidelines every day, at home and on the road at APHA shows or other equine events. The APHA Professional Horsemen’s Committee, which oversees the group, also takes feedback about its members seriously, and every file is reviewed annually.

“People looking for a new trainer, or someone to give their child lessons, should look for a Professional Horseman because of the fact they signed the Code of Ethics,” Jan said. “They are willing to stand up and say, ‘I want to be ethical and professional.’ In this world today, that means a lot.”

2. Continuing education is the name of the game.

Not content to sit on their laurels, APHA Professional Horsemen are constantly striving to improve their knowledge and skills as instructors, trainers, coaches and clinicians. You’ll see them at the Color Breed Council International Equine Judges Academy, the APHA/AQHA/ApHC European Judges Seminar, at APHA’s “Creating Confident Clinicians” Seminar and other educational events throughout the year, expanding their knowledge and keeping up with changes in trends, rules and best practices.

“If you are looking for a clinician for your 4-H event or local show, I’d look for a Professional Horseman,” Jan said. “Many have received training to communicate and teach effectively.”

3. APHA’s new online directory makes finding a Professional Horseman easier than ever.

Start searching for your equine professional on our new interactive map or search engine. Whether you click through the map or enter your search criteria, once you’ve located a pro and want to learn more, you can access his or her in-depth profile. Professional Horsemen can update and customize their profiles at any time and feature their services and disciplines offered, achievements, accreditations, photos and more. You can also download a complete listing or sort by name, state or specialty—click on “Show Filter” here to get started.

“It’s very easy to use this directory to locate a Professional Horseman, and it’s easy for our member horsemen to create and update their profile,” Jan said. “It’s a great tool.”

Currently, APHA has 89 Professional Horsemen, hailing from 30 states, three Canadian provinces, Austria, France, and Germany. And that number continues to grow, so chances are you’ll find an equine professional who shares your values and a passion for Paints close to home.

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Want to become a Markel APHA Professional Horseman?

Check out the Policies and Procedures Manual and then download the Professional Horsemen Application.


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