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Two new academic scholarship endowments completed

The number of academic scholarships offered annually by the American Paint Horse Foundation has grown by two, now reaching a total of 55. The Rocky Mountain Paint Horse Association Youth Development Foundation Endowment and the Lynn Titlow Memorial Endowment have reached the $25,000 minimum and will be available for issue for the 2018-2019 academic year. Academic scholarship endowments generate one $1,000 scholarship each year and are renewable for a total of four years.

APHA Distinguished Service Award Winner Jean Fell was instrumental in forming the Rocky Mountain Paint Horse Association Youth Development Foundation in 1984. Their APHF endowment was set up in 2010 and their Youth Development Foundation has added funds every year.

“Endowments must be completed within 10 years,” said Jean, the current secretary/treasurer of the RMPHA YDF. “We knew we had 10 years to finish the endowment and stayed committed to completing it.”

The endowment has restrictions designed to help applicants from the area. The first criteria for an applicant is be a member of the RMPHA and a resident of Colorado; the next is to be a member of any regional Colorado Paint Horse Club or a Colorado participant in APHA’s PAC program. If there are no applicants that satisfy the restrictions, the scholarship would be awarded to the next highest-placing applicant.

Lynn Titlow, a longtime APHA national director, standing committee member and beloved wife of former APHA President Dr. Travis Titlow passed away on October 4, 2016, after a hard-fought battle with pancreatic cancer. Her family set up the memorial endowment almost immediately and, via fundraisers and private donations, it reached the total in record time.

“Lynn never did anything halfway and would do anything for family,” Travis said. “Her family and animals were her world, and APHA was her extended family. She would be proud to help a young Paint Horse student with college expenses.”

The Lynn Titlow scholarship has only one restriction—that the application is a member of Zone 2. If there are no applications that satisfy that restriction, the scholarship would also be awarded to the next highest-placing applicant

Academic scholarships must be applied for within two years of high school graduation. For scholarship consideration, students must be a member of the AjPHA or APHA for three years, must pass a college entrance examination, provide three letters of reference and submit an essay explaining their educational plans. After they have been granted a scholarship, they must take a minimum of 12 hours per semester and maintain a 3.0 or better grade-point average to be eligible for renewal. The deadline for application for a 2018-2019 scholarship is March 1, 2018.

For more information on APHF academic scholarships, visit apha.com/foundation/scholarship-application-info/academic-scholarships.


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