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Reminder: 6-panel genetic health test required for all breeding stallions

Breeding stallions must have their DNA genetic health panel results on file with APHA before the foals resulting from their 2018 breedings and beyond will be eligible for APHA registration, per the 2017 APHA Rule Book.

Required tests for ALL breeding stallions:

  • HYPP
  • GBED
  • MH
  • PSSM1
  • OLWS

Genetic health testing is separate from DNA testing for genetic markers (used for parentage verification), which is already required for breeding stallions.

Tests must be completed through an APHA-approved laboratory:

  • University of California–Davis
  • Etalon Diagnostics

To Order Testing:

Order the Genetic Health Panel test from APHA (UC–Davis, $125)

Order the Comprehensive DNA test from APHA (Etalon, $139—includes genetic health, color/pattern and more, along with APHA result recording)

Order the OLWS test* from APHA (UC-Davis, $25)*

*For Quarter Horses/Thoroughbreds with 5-panel results already on file at UC-Davis (APHA accepts those results, but OLWS testing is required)

Already Tested?

Submit test results from an APHA-approved lab to the association by emailing [email protected]. UC-Davis results can be retrieved by APHA using the stallion’s name/registration number. A $40 recording fee is required for testing performed independent of APHA or partner associations.


Email [email protected].


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