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Travel safe with the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan

Are you hitting the road with your Paint this spring? Trip preparation takes careful planning—including how to deal with a travel emergency. Before you head out on the highway, put your APHA membership and the APHA Xtras Program to work for you and enjoy reduced rates on the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan.

Why choose USRider? It’s the only company to provide emergency roadside assistance for horse owners. Truly committed to the safety and security of you and your horses on the road, USRider is there for you 24/7, in any vehicle—whether you are the passenger or the driver, and even if you’re not traveling with your horses.

Through the Equestrian Motor Plan, USRider offers a stable full of emergency roadside services including:

• FREE towing of your vehicle and/or trailer for up to 100 miles
• FREE emergency roadside repair (up to $200 per incident)
• FREE emergency lodging and stabling referrals
• FREE coverage of any vehicle you are in—whether as driver or passenger

APHA members receive $20 off a new USRider membership activation in this valuable service as part of APHA Xtras.

Want to learn more about the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan? Check out their website, featuring useful articles on trailering and equine travel safety, then activate your USRider membership online or call (800) 844-1409 and refer to promo code APH15.

Every purchase through APHA Xtras partners keeps cash in your pocket while also supporting APHA and the breed you love. Using these member discounts just one time can help you recoup the cost of your APHA membership. Imagine how much you can save all year long!


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