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APHA welcomes Dechra as its newest World Show sponsor

APHA is pleased to announce Dechra Veterinary Products, makers of OSPHOS, as its newest World Show Sponsor. Through the partnership, Dechra will sponsor APHA’s two annual World Championship Shows, set to take place in June and November 2016 at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Known throughout the industry as leaders in horse health, Dechra Veterinary Products offers a specialized range of equine medicines including OSPHOS, a FDA-approved intramuscular bisphosphonate for control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses.

Dechra prides itself on a forward-thinking approach in regenerative medicine, Equine Marketing Manager Shelly Derks says. Their products include Orthokine® vet irap, the original and proven IRAP product on the market, and Osteokine®, a platelet-rich plasma system.

“Keeping horses sound and in the ring is what we strive for with our product portfolio. Our partnership with APHA will help us achieve this goal together,” she said.

“Through relationships with companies like Dechra, APHA continues to support the education of proactive animal welfare to its exhibitors and members,” APHA Senior Director of Show & Contest Holly Slaughter said.

Navicular syndrome is a condition affecting the navicular bone and soft tissue structures, often occurring in both front feet and most typically seen in mature riding horses. If left untreated, it can lead to significant and even disabling lameness, shortening of stride and increased tendency to stumble due to altered foot placement.

According to dechra.com, OSPHOS is the only FDA-approved intramuscular bisphosphonate injection for the control of the clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses. Lameness in nearly 75 percent of horses improved by at least one grade 56 days after treatment. To learn more, visit www.osphos.com.

The 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show takes place June 27–July 9; the 2016 APHA Open/Amateur World Championship Show takes place November 2–12. For more information about APHA’s world shows, visit aphaworldshow.com.


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