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Stars & Stripes Summer Spectacular joins 2016 Youth World Show lineup

Equestrians with disabilities will have their time to shine at the Stars & Stripes Summer Spectacular June 28 in Fort Worth, Texas. APHA and the Appaloosa Horse Club are excited to join forces to present this special opportunity for challenged riders to take the stage during the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show and World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show.

To enter or for more information, check out apha.com/ywcs/stars-stripes-ewd-show

Open to all breeds, awards in each class include a champion buckle and jacket, reserve champion buckle and ribbons for the Top 10 exhibitors. Select classes are dual-approved by APHA, ApHC and the National Snaffle Bit Association—exhibitors showing registered Paint Horses can qualify for awesome year-end awards through APHA’s CHAMPS program in these classes.

Classes at the 2016 Stars & Stripes Summer Spectacular are:

  • *Supported Walk/Jog Trail
  •  *Independent Walk/Jog Trail
  • * Independent Walk/Jog/Lope Trail
  • * Showmanship Level 1
  • * Showmanship Level 2
  • * Showmanship Level 3
  • Veterans Supported Walk-Only Horsemanship/Equitation
  • Supported Walk-Only Horsemanship/Equitation
  • Independent Walk-Only Horsemanship/ Equitation
  • Veterans Independent Walk-Only Horsemanship/Equitation
  • * Supported Walk/Jog Western Horsemanship Veterans
  • Independent Walk/Jog Western Horsemanship
  • * Independent Walk/Jog Western Horsemanship
  • * Independent Walk/Jog/Lope Western Horsemanship
  • Veterans Independent Walk/Jog/Lope Western Horsemanship
  • ** Independent Walk/Jog Para Reining
  • ** Independent Walk/Jog/Lope Para Reining
  • * Independent Walk/Trot/Canter Hunt-Seat Equitation on the Flat
  • * Supported Walk/Trot Hunt-Seat Equitation on the Flat
  • * Independent Walk/Trot Hunt-Seat Equitation on the Flat
  • Veterans Independent Walk/Trot Hunt-Seat Equitation on the Flat
  • Veterans Independent Walk/Trot/Canter Hunt-Seat Equitation on the Flat

*Classes dual-approved by ApHC, APHA, NSBA

** Classes dual-approved by ApHC & APHA

Entries are due June 3. All horses must be stalled, but there is no charge if the horse is entered only in the Stars & Stripes Summer Spectacular.

The 2016 AjPHA Youth World Show features more than $165,000 in scholarship money awarded to exhibitors, and no qualification is required. Learn more about the Youth World Show at apha.com/ywcs.

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