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Paint Promoters Eligible for USLGE Cost Sharing Program

Paint promoters—listen up. The U.S. Livestock Genetics Export (USLGE) has a special funding program available to private breeders, companies, or cooperatives interested in promoting livestock, semen, or embryo sales in international markets. USLGE is a nationwide livestock-specific, not-for-profit trade association that helps promote U.S. livestock industries abroad; APHA is a member of USLGE.

Used to supplement private funds used to promote U.S. livestock internationally, these funds are available through the Market Access Program of the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

uslgeThe MAP branded program provides for partial reimbursement (up to 50 percent) of approved activities such as international advertising, the development, translation and distribution of promotional materials, and participation in foreign trade shows and exhibitions. Funds cannot be used for travel or personnel reimbursement. An administrative fee is charged to participate in the program.

The allocation of these funds will be made to eligible participants on a fair and equitable basis as set by FAS and consistent with the goals and objectives of the MAP program as outlined by Congress. Funding criteria is based upon available funding, anticipated economic impact and the completeness of the application.

Applications must be submitted by December 31, and they will be considered throughout the year pending availability of funding.

Interested parties should request a FY09 MAP Branded Application and Program Guidelines booklet from USLGE. For more information or to request a booklet, visit the USLGE website or contact the organization via phone (618) 548-9154, fax (618) 548-9709 or email.


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