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14 NRHA Events Approved for APHA World Show Qualification

If you’ve got a Paint reining horse, APHA is making it easier than ever to get qualified for the APHA World Championship Show.

nrhaFor the 2014 and 2015 APHA World Shows—which take place annually in November in Fort Worth, Texas, and are home to Open and Amateur world championship classes, along with many other added-money events—APHA has approved 14 National Reining Horse Association-approved shows that will count toward APHA World Show qualification requirements.

Each of the following 14 shows counts for a minimum of one show and two judges—to qualify for the APHA World Show, a Paint Horse must have participated in at least four shows and eight judges. Click here to read full qualification requirements for the APHA World Show; no qualification is required to participate in the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, which takes place annually in June and July.

Unless otherwise noted, these shows are approved only for APHA World Show qualification, not APHA points. Those marked as APHA Special Events will offer APHA-approved classes in which horses are eligible to earn APHA points as well.

2014 World Show Qualifying (August 1, 2013–July 31, 2014)

April 14-20 — National Reining Breeders Classic, Katy, TX

May 1-4 — Rein For The Roses, Elk Grove, CA

May 13-18 — Carolina Classic, Williamston, NC

May 14-18 — Columbine Classic, Pueblo, CO (APHA Special Event)

June 21-28 — NRHA Derby, Oklahoma City, OK (APHA Special Event)  

July 21-27 — RMRHA Summer Slide, Denver, CO (APHA Special Event)

July 23-27 — Reining By The Bay, Woodside, CA

July 24-27 — Clayton Woosley Hall of Fame Reining, Lexington, KY

2015 World Show Qualifying (August 1, 2014–July 31, 2015)

August 26-31 — NRHA South Central Regional Affiliate Finals, Tulsa, OK

September 5-7 — NRHA East Central Regional Affiliate Finals, Springfield, OH

September 12-14 — NRHA Northeast Regional Affiliate Finals, Logan Township, NJ

September 24-28 — NRHA Mountain Regional Affiliate Finals, Denver, CO

September 25-28 — NRHA Southeast Regional Affiliate Finals, Williamston, NC

October 8-12 — NRHA Northwest Regional Affiliate Finals, Rancho Murieta, CA


APHA hopes to announce similar partnerships with National Cutting Horse Association and National Reined Cow Horse Association events soon.



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