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HorseIQ adds reining resource library

Fast spins and sliding stops are getting a virtual upgrade, thanks to the latest additions to HorseIQ’s powerful online education platform. Get a digital view from the judge’s chair by watching two complete reining classes. Blank score sheets are provided, along with the set pattern. When you’re done, compare your scores to those of the officials. High-quality video with rewind features mean you can review missed penalties or maneuvers you saw differently from judges.

Though the APHA and NRHA rule books thoroughly outline the scoring procedures for reining classes, it can take hours of practice to recognized the nuanced differences between a 0 and +1/2-worthy maneuver, or catch the penalty accumulations for an out-of-lead circle.

“Watching these resources, scoring yourself and then comparing your thoughts to actual professionals is a great way to fully grasp what’s required of you and your horse in competition,” APHA Director of Judges Dave Dellin said. “By improving your understanding of the reining scoring system, you can then glean more from feedback provided of your own runs and further work to improve your performances.”

Log in or subscribe to HorseIQ to access the new library of resources. Check back in future weeks as additional classes and resources are added to the library.

 An innovative online education platform, HorseIQ gives exhibitors an interactive look at the rules and judging standards of their favorite classes. In addition to reining, modules on Western pleasure, trail, horsemanship, halter and ranch riding are currently available.


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