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Kentucky Equine Research zooms in as a 2018 PBRIP Sponsor

APHA is pleased to welcome Kentucky Equine Research as a new sponsor for the 2018 PBRIP Fund. The PBRIP— Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program—was designed to make it easier for barrel racers who run Paints to be a part of APHA without having to attend traditional breed shows. The program adds money to Paint-only sidepots at barrel racing events nationwide, which is awarded to those competitors enrolled in the PBRIP program.

As a PBRIP sponsor, Kentucky Equine Research will provide PBRIP sidepots at several events leading up to and including the APHA World Show and will be help expand the future PBRIP sidepot opportunities in areas that will be joining the program.

Kentucky Equine Research was founded in 1988 by equine nutritionist Joe Pagan, Ph.D., who saw a need to get research-generated information to feed manufacturers and horse owners. Since then, Kentucky Equine Research has become an international company dedicated to serving horse owners and the feed industry through equine nutrition research, consultation and product development. The company aims to expand the horse world’s knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology; use that knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses; and support the dietary care of all horses in every stage of their lives.

From their offices in Versailles, Kentucky, and Victoria, Australia, Kentucky Equine Research conducts nutrition and exercise physiology trials and uses that information as the basis for their consultation services and product development. Trials are conducted year-round at the company’s 150-acre research farm in Versailles, as well as its dedicated Thoroughbred training center in Ocala, Florida.

Above all, Kentucky Equine Research aids feed manufacturers on six continents in formulating top-quality feeds that complement typical local forages. These feeds contain Kentucky Equine Research micronutrient premixes that, when fed correctly and with the appropriate forage, provide a balanced diet. The consultation and research provided by Kentucky Equine Research equips horse feed manufacturers with the knowledge, experience and technology to produce the top-of-the-line horse feeds. The company also helps arm horse owners with the knowledge of what they should be feeding their horses to meet their needs.

“For 30 years, Kentucky Equine Research has conducted studies that have revolutionized the way people feed horses for optimal health, performance and growth. A recent innovation is Race Recovery, an electrolyte specifically formulated to help horses bounce back after Lasix,” Kentucky Equine Research Director of Marketing Erin Hsu said. “When a hundredth of a second matters, it’s crucial to have your feeding program on point. We are excited to bring our knowledge and innovations to the barrel racing community through our support of the Paint Barrel Racing Incentive Program.”

APHA Director of Racing and PBRIP Karen Utecht is excited about this opportunity as well.

“Kentucky Equine Research is known for keeping the needs of the horse first, which is the main goal for our Paint Horse owners as well. By bringing that passion and endorsing our PBRIP exhibitors, there’s the possibility of great growth in the future. We are pleased to have Kentucky Equine Research as a PBRIP sponsor, and we look forward to expanding opportunities for PBRIP exhibitors,” she said.

For more information on Kentucky Equine Research, visit ker.com.


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