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High-five to Karen Qualls: APHA’s 2022 High-Point Open Exhibitor

Lifelong horsewoman and multiple APHA world champion Karen Qualls of Chino Hills, California, will be recognized June 30 as APHA’s 2022 High-Point Open Exhibitor.

Karen is no stranger to this award, having won it four times previously—but then again, she and her team at Premier Performance Horses are no strangers to success. She has been training horses and riders since 1986 and focuses her training style to help both the horse and rider achieve their best. This has resulted in several accolades, such as APHA world championship titles for Karen and her students, and she has trained many exhibitors and horses to success, including What A Attitude, Nighttime Sensation and Ultimate Bonanza to name a few.

But Karen doesn’t just measure success in the awards and ribbons won; it’s also about growth in a horsemanship journey, including putting the horse first and helping others—traits Karen admires in the Paint Horse community.

Karen and other APHA honorees will be showcased at the APHA Hall of Fame & Awards Ceremony June 30 at 6 p.m. in the Round Up Inn of the Amon Carter Building at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The APHA Hall of Fame takes place in conjunction with the APHA World Championship Show—and because it’s on site, there’s no excuse to miss this celebration! Reserve your tickets now!


Tickets are going fast—reserve your spot here.


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