Youth Team Tournament
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Revamped AjPHA Youth Team Tournament means no horse necessary to join the fun at the 2023 APHA World Show

Join the fun at the 2023 APHA World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas, as part of the totally refreshed Youth Team Tournament competition, open to all Youth age 18 or under—and NO HORSE REQUIRED!

Six-member teams will compete in a series of challenges around the World Show on June 23. Don’t worry if you’re a single participant or if you have less than six members—we’ll help combine participants to create full teams! Everyone is welcome.

The Events

  • The Great Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt

  • TikTok-esque Video Challenge

  • Knowledge Relay

  • Written Quiz

The Top Six teams, based on accumulated scores in the four events, will compete in a clean-slate Grand Finale Finals and win great overall awards!

Entries are just $25 per person if received by May 31, but entries are accepted until June 15.

Enter the 2023 Youth Team Tournament online!


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