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Get your Novice Amateur and Amateur Walk-Trot cards in order for Paint World 2016

The 2016 APHA World Championship Show is on the horizon! For exhibitors planning on utilizing Novice Amateur reinstatement or applying for an Amateur Walk-Trot card for the World Show, there’s no time to waste—these applications are due October 15.

Apply for your Walk-Trot Card Online 

“Novice reinstatement and the Walk-Trot program are excellent opportunities for exhibitors to regain their confidence in the ring,” Director of Amateur Activities Savanna Robbins said. “By competing in these specialized divisions, exhibitors are able to be successful while refining their skill sets.”

Exhibitors who have not held an Amateur Walk-Trot card prior to July 31, 2016, are still able to participate in Amateur Walk-Trot classes at the World Show so long as they have not earned any points in Open or Amateur performance classes with APHA or any other recognized association during 2016. Halter and in-hand classes do not count against eligibility.

The Novice reinstatement program is designed to make your return to the show ring as smooth and successful as possible. So what does this mean for you? If you have earned nine or fewer points in any category in any division in the past 10 years, you can apply to have your Novice Amateur status reinstated per Rule AM-205.A.5 in the 2016 APHA Rule Book.

Apply for Novice Reinstatement Here

Reinstatement is completed ONLY upon request. The reinstatement form should be accompanied by a Novice Amateur card application if needed, and applicants should make sure to fill both out completely.

It’s not too late to enter the 2016 APHA World Show—if this is the motivation you need, act fast and enter the World Show online at apha.com/oawcs.

On average, processing takes two to three business weeks without a rush-processing fee. For any Amateur and Novice Amateur application—including reinstatement—it is the applicant’s responsibility to fully disclose their complete show history. For ease of processing, performance records from all recognized equine association competition should be included with the Novice Amateur application and reinstatement form—see Rule AM-205 in the 2016 APHA Rule Book for details.

For more information, contact Director of Amateur Activities Savanna Robbins at 817-222-6440.


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