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Get ranchy with the February 2016 Inside Look

The versatility, athleticism and keen minds of Paint Horses make them top hands when it comes to ranch work, and with their colorful coats, they can look good while getting the job done, too. In the February 2016 Ranch Life Issue of the Paint Horse Journal, we celebrate these punchy Paints and the people who love them.

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What you’ll find in the February PHJ Inside Look:
  • One FREE read: “The Rundown on Ranch Horse,” which celebrates the fun of ranch horse classes and dissects each new event.
  • APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s monthly column, “Fresh Paint,” which discusses insights to APHA registration and how breeders can use genetics to their advantage.
  • ALL of our colorful advertisers.
  • Stallion Alley and PHJ Classifieds to help you find your next sire or show prospect.
Get MORE in the full-length print Paint Horse Journal:
  • Celebrate the 10 luminaries that comprise APHA’s fourth Hall of Fame class.
  • Learn even more about Paint Horse genetics in “The Color Inside: Part Two.”
  • Fall in love with Rankin Ranch’s family and landscape in “Living History.”
  • Discover the judging differences between trail and ranch trail in “The Game Plan.”
  • Meet “Member Profile” star Matt Adkins, who’s helped a grassroots effort to grow APHA’s ranch classes.
  • Run for the hills of Georgia’s Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in  “Great Rides.”
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