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Future professionals shine at the 2017 Youth World Championship Judging Contest

Young horse judgers’ from around the country put their skills and knowledge to the test July 1 at the 2017 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show. Judging performance and halter classes, 18 senior teams and 14 junior teams defended their final placings in the reasons room as they demonstrated judging sovereignty.

Connor Pell of Chouteau, Oklahoma, competed in the Junior division and took home the top honor of high point individual and left with an armful of prizes. Along with teammates Scout Timmins, Grace Hudgins and Sophie McLochlin, his outstanding performance helped secure Chouteau 4-H as the overall high-point team for their division.

“This is my first year winning this contest. I was really anxious this morning to get up and see how I did,” Connor said. “My teammates and I have had a wonderful time in Fort Worth, and the judging competition has been great.”

The contest was jointly sponsored by the American Junior Paint Horse Association and the Appaloosa Youth Association; awards were presented to individuals and teams for their effort in four areas: halter, performance, reasons and overall. Contestants competed for a variety of prizes, including a $500 scholarship for the high-point individual in each category and Gist Silversmith belt buckles for the high-point team overall in each age division.

Winners included:


Overall High-Point Team

  1. Chouteau Horse Team # 1
  2. Adair FFA #2
  3. Corridor Competitive
  4. Minnesota Arabian Horse Association
  5. Adair FFA #1

Overall High-Point Individual

  1. Connor Pell
  2. Sophie McLochlin
  3. Abby Kaska
  4. Dax DeLozier
  5. Anelise Wilson


Overall High-Point Team

  1. Illinois Quarter Horse Association
  2. Williamson County 4-H
  3. Chouteau Horse Team #1
  4. Chouteau Horse Team #2
  5. Comal County 4-H

Overall High-Point Individual

  1. Mckenna Lindsey
  2. Bailey McDaniel
  3. Kohlsyn Gibson
  4. Bridget Stanton
  5. Hannah McLochin

Special thanks to Contest Coordinator Lori Wunderlich, horse providers and exhibitors, as well as the volunteers, staff and officials that made this contest a success.


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