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Trailer troubles? APHA Xtras to the Rescue

So much planning and preparation goes into every adventure you and your Paint Horse have away from home. You’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink, you’ve plugged your destination in the GPS, and you’re almost ready to go. But before your precious cargo puts one hoof into the trailer, take 10 minutes to prepare for the unexpected. Sign up for the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, and you’ll get unparalleled, round-the-clock, nationwide roadside assistance no matter where your journey takes you.

Why USRider? It is the only company to provide emergency roadside assistance for horse owners. When you are stuck in a busy urban center during rush hour or on a remote road in the middle of the night, you can count on USRider to be there for you when you need them the most.

Whether it’s lockouts, jump starts or towing of your vehicles, trucks and trailers, USRider has you covered. Far from home and need help finding for emergency stabling, a veterinarian or a farrier? USRider has has an extensive referral network. Ran out of gas and can’t leave the horses unattended? USRider will send fuel, oil and water. Need help with a flat tire or road-side repairs? Count on USRider to get you going as quickly as possible.

In fact, your USRider roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are not traveling with your horses. No matter what vehicle you are traveling in—even if you are not driving—you can depend on USRider to come to your rescue.

Given that the average motor plan doesn’t know horses and oftentimes can’t help with a trailer, USRider not only offers unique services but true peace of mind. In fact, to make hauling horses safer for everyone, the company put together an extensive collection of articles on trailering and equine travel safety anyone can access on their website.

Just as every Paint Horse is unique, so are your needs. That’s why USRider offers two different plans to choose from to best fit you and your budget. Plus, as part of the APHA Xtras Program, APHA members save $20 off a new USRider membership activation.

Want to learn more? Visit the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan website or call 800-844-1409. Just refer to promo code APH15 to get your APHA member discount. Check out their travel safety resources or give a USRider membership as a gift. Because the best part of a journey is arriving safely at your destination with those—including the Paints—you love.

If you haven’t already, click here to join or renew your APHA membership. And take a minute to check out all the APHA Xtras offers. It’s just our way of saying thank you for being an APHA member.


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