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Changes to APHA World Show points allocation for 2016

In an effort to expand regional markets, reward loyal APHA exhibitors and increase the value of Breeders’ Trust paybacks, the APHA Executive Committee moved to continue awarding points at the APHA World Championship Shows but will no longer count those points toward Breeders’ Trust payouts and year-end award standings. Points will still be awarded for exhibitors’ placings under individual judges at the two premier shows, which will be recorded on the horse’s and exhibitor’s lifetime performance records and continue to count toward all lifetime achievement awards, including Registers of Merit, Superiors, APHA Champion titles and more.

The recommendation for the modification came from the Long-Range Planning Committee as an effort to improve the Breeders’ Trust program, and their recommendations were approved by the APHA Executive Committee; because this is a policy change, not a rule change, it was able to go into immediate effect for 2016.
The motivation for the change is threefold:

  • Creating regional markets by giving those unable to attend the APHA World Show a legitimate opportunity to win year-end awards.
  • Increasing the dollar value for Breeders’ Trust points and distributing Breeders’ Trust earnings to a larger number of participants.
  • Increasing participation in regional club shows by rewarding loyal APHA members who consistently support APHA shows throughout the year.

“The Long-Range Planning Committee has been looking at Breeders’ Trust for several years in an attempt to bolster the point value and put it in a position of resilience,” Long-Range Planning Committee Chairman Don Beard said. “When you consider the World Show and the Breeders’ Trust point value, the agendas are separate—there are so many awards up for grabs at the World Show, and often the Breeders’ Trust is secondary to what exhibitors are trying to achieve at the World Show. When exhibitors travel and show horses locally or regionally, however, we hope to earn points that hold additional value in year-end awards and Breeders’ Trust paybacks.

“These changes attempt to serve the regional exhibitor who might never attend the World Show, the club that is making the attempt to increase participation locally and Breeders’ Trust participants—including both exhibitors and breeders—while growing our base of supporters.”

World Show points will still count for:

  • Horse/exhibitor lifetime performance records
  • Register of Merit
  • Superior Event award
  • APHA Champion award
  • Performance Versatility award
  • Superior All-Around award
  • Superior Youth or Amateur Champion award
  • Supreme Champion award
World Show points will not count for:

  • Top 20 or Top 10 awards
  • Amateur or Novice Youth Rookie of the Year awards
  • Zone Top Five awards
  • Honor Roll awards
  • Breeders’ Trust payouts

The new system goes into effect with the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, July 1–9, and the 2016 APHA World Championship Show, November 2–12. For more information about the AjPHA and APHA World Shows, visit aphaworldshow.com.



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