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Change your Solid Paint-Bred’s registration status in five simple steps


Time changes many things—and that might even include your Paint Horse!

Have your Paint’s white markings changed since you first registered him? As a Paint grows, the size of an unpigmented skin spot might change—and what might have been too little white to qualify him as a foal for Regular Registry status might have grown beyond the two-inch requirement by the time he is fully grown.

“A major part of the APHA mission statement is recording and preserving the pedigrees of the American Paint Horses we love,” Executive Director Billy Smith said. “Our dedication to our members means ensuring the proper documentation of their Paints and helping them through the process with knowledge, commitment and kindness.”


3-14-status-changeTake pride in your Paint Horse’s registration and make sure his information is correct. Proper identification allows faster processing at shows, opens up new areas of competition, can aid in horse identification and shows your dedication to the Paint Horse breed.

To apply for a status change from the Solid Paint-Bred Registry to Regular Registry, owners must submit the following items:

1)   The horse’s Solid Paint-Bred registration certificate.

2)   A completed request for corrected certificate.

3)   Clear, color pictures that clearly show the area that might qualify the horse for registration in the Regular Registry. Images should include a certificate photo [a full-body, profile shot from the left or right side], a close-up of the potential qualifying area(s) that clearly show the size of the area in question and the extent of the underlying unpigmented skin.

4)   A signed unpigmented skin statement, available upon request from APHA, certifying that the spot that would qualify the horse for the Regular Registry is a “natural Paint marking” with underlying unpigmented skin that was present on the horse at the time of birth.

5)   A status change fee ($40 for APHA members) and the applicable fee to cover the difference in cost between what you paid for the original registration and the cost of Regular Registry papers (based on the horse’s age at the time the original registration application was submitted).

Further information can be found in the 2013-2014 Official APHA Rule Book.

All registrations, transfers and status changes are given the personal and knowledgeable care of APHA’s exceptional MemberCare Professionals. For questions or help regarding status changes, call (817) 222-6423.

To learn more about the registration process, read In Good Hands from the September Paint Horse Journal. October’s Registration Roadblocks helps readers avoid the most common errors and ensure a speedy turnaround on their Paints’ registration papers. Renew, subscribe or order back issues of the Paint Horse Journal today!


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