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Bluebonnet Feeds adds The Cowgirl Gathering to their events list

The Cowgirl Gathering is pleased to welcome Bluebonnet Feeds as the newest partner of the 2021 Cowgirl Gathering coming up November 12-14 in Fort Worth, Texas!

“We are honored to be a part of The Cowgirl Gathering,” Bluebonnet’s Director of Marketing Kaitlyn Hurst said. “I attended this event last year, and it was inspiring to learn from so many thought-leaders in the Western industry. It was truly an irreplaceable experience to hear these real stories of women achieving their goals through dedication, passion and authenticity—as competitors and business leaders!”

When the event was set to run again this year, Bluebonnet Feeds was eager to join.

“Coming on board was an easy decision,” Kaitlyn said. “The entire team felt that it was important to officially support this celebration of the cowgirl spirit.”

Why should you care: The Cowgirl Gathering is the only cowgirl celebration in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. When looking to surround yourself with inspiration, the Stockyards provides it, but add a layer of elite cowgirls to the mix and you are sure to leave with goosebumps! Plus, a special guest speaker from Bluebonnet Feeds will be at The Kimes Ranch Essence Exchange.

Experience all the events: The Cowgirl Gathering weekend will be home to a multitude of all-women events in the Stockyards.

  • November 11
    • Cowgirl Cowtown Collection Art Show at Brumbaugh’s Fine Furnishings
  • November 12
    • $10,000-added all-women team roping at Cowtown Coliseum
    • Day 1 of the Kimes Ranch Essence Exchange speaking engagement in Cowboy Channel Studios
  • November 13
    • $20,000-added all-women breakaway roping at Cowtown Coliseum
    • Day 2 of the Kimes Ranch Essence Exchange speaking engagement in Cowboy Channel Studios
    • The Cowgirl Gathering fashion show, benefiting the American Paint Horse Foundation and Horns for Hope at Mule Alley in the Stockyards
  • November 14
    • $20,000-added open 5D barrel race at Cowtown Coliseum

TICKETS to the Essence Exchange and a full list of speakers are available HERE. Space is limited.

Need more? Click HERE.


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About The Cowgirl Gathering

The Cowgirl Gathering is a celebration in the heart of Fort Worth, designed to showcase spectacular, inspirational women from all walks of life who embody the spirit of the American Cowgirl. Whether you are a competitor or just want to experience the spark of that cowgirl essence, the Cowgirl Gathering is your event. This weekend takeover of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards highlights cowgirls’ skills in breakaway roping, team roping and barrel racing, while also showcasing exhilarating and engaging female speakers. It’s her heart and soul that makes a cowgirl who she is—determined and fierce and ready to take on the world—and we’re excited to showcase that spirit in the heart and soul of Cowtown this November.

About Bluebonnet Feeds

Bluebonnet® Feeds has been feeding horses across Texas and Oklahoma for over three decades, but now it is rapidly becoming a brand that is sought after by horsemen across the nation. Since the beginning, Bluebonnet® has stood by the motto that “Quality is the Best Value.” Horse owners want to know, and deserve to know, what is in the feed they give their horse. Therefore, open labels, locked formulas, and an ionophore-FREE facility are standard policy.