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Having access to news regarding APHA events and other significant association matters has never been more essential. We want to make sure you receive the important emails we send so you can make the best decisions for you and your Paints. If you’ve ever expected an email that—for some reason—never came to your inbox, the following two reasons might be the cause of the issue. Luckily, they’re easy to fix, and we can show you how!

  • You’ve previously unsubscribed to an email from APHA.
    It might seem like a small thing to unsubscribe to one email, but by doing so, you are unsubscribing to ALL mass email communications from APHA. This includes emails concerning upcoming event and program deadlines, member benefit programs like APHA Xtras, and even money-saving coupons from our sponsors. We are not able to add you back in ourselves; we need your permission.

    • The Fix: Go to the APHA website and, depending on how often you visit, a dialog box will appear a few seconds after the site has loaded that says, “Stay in the Loop.” If that does not automatically appear, scroll down to find the (static) box in the lower right part of the homepage that says the same thing. Provide the best email to reach you, and you’re automatically back in our system. By doing this, you are giving our system the permission it needs to send emails to you once again.
  • Your correct email isn’t on file with APHA.
    Your APHA member information might not have an email address listed, or it might be an outdated email that you no longer use.

    • The Fix: Email [email protected] with your name, physical address, APHA member ID number (if you know it) and the best email address to use. This is also a good way to let us know of any other updates you need to make, such as a new phone number and physical mailing address. If you aren’t sure what information we have on file, send an email anyway. That will let us double-check your information so you won’t miss any important news and deadlines.

Having the correct email can make all the difference—it connects you to all the news APHA has for you! We don’t want you to miss any of the exciting and valuable information we have to share. But don’t worry, we don’t send EVERYTHING to EVERYONE. We promise to only send you information that pertains to you and your specific interests.

Need to adjust the information you’re receiving from us? You can update your email preferences anytime using the “Update My Profile” option at the bottom of all our mass emails. Simply click the link and follow the provided instructions anytime you need to add or change up your lists!

Let’s keep the lines of communication open. APHA is here to help, and we want you to get the most out of your membership. Thank you for being a member!

Questions? Email [email protected].



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