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Chrome article See Her, Be Her wins Apex writing award

Photo by Erin Gilmore (from the article)

A Chrome magazine article featuring APHA member Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett was recently awarded a 2021 APEX Award of Excellence for writing. The article, “See Her, Be Her” written by Editor Jessica Hein, appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of APHA’s Chrome magazine. Click to read it below.

The article documented Esperanza’s journey to turn her big dreams into reality, which include her goal of becoming the first Black woman to win an APHA world championship.

Read the article here

The annual APEX awards are an industry-wide competition for publishing media and communications professionals. This year’s contest featured nearly 1,200 entries from a wide host of communication genres. Chrome—APHA’s Western lifestyle magazine and the official publication of Mule Alley in the Fort Worth Stockyards—is honored to be part of the contest’s award-winners.


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