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Basket Raffle Fundraiser at 2017 AjPHA Youth World Show a huge success

AjPHA and APHA Regional Clubs came through to support the 2018 AjPHA Youth World Games by donating a total of 19 themed baskets featuring incredible goodies. Raffle ticket sales generated approximately $2,000, with all proceeds going directly toward the 2018 AjPHA Youth World Games.

“I had set a goal of 18 themed baskets,” Director of Youth Activities & Awards Christine Henry said. “I love seeing the APHA family get together in supporting our unique programs and opportunities.”

Paint Horse Clubs donated baskets boasting everything from Yeti coolers to a stallion breeding.

The following baskets were donated:

Basket #1 – “Paint Style” donated by APHA

Basket #2 – “Its Reining Paints” donated by the National Reining Horse Association

Basket #3 – “Eat’n Good “donated by Arkansas Paint Horse Club

Basket #4 – “The Color Side of Life” donated by the Paint Horse Club of Germany

Basket #5 – “For a Horse Show Mom” donated by Heather Young Performance Horses

Basket #6 – “Are You Yeti for a Horse Show?” donated by Cross Timbers Paint Horse Club

Basket #7 – “Taste of Missouri” donated by Renee Conklin

Basket #8 – “Dinner is On Us” donated by Garden State Junior Paint Horse Club

Basket #9 – “Lake of the Ozarks” donated by Missouri Junior Paint Horse Club

Basket #10 – “Taste of Virginia” donated by Virginia Junior Paint Horse Club

Basket #11 – “Horse Show Ready” donated by Chase Farms & HBF Catch My Irons

Basket #12 – “Delectable Décor” donated by Illinois Junior Paint Horse Club

Basket #13 – “It’s Your Lucky Day!” donated by Texas Paint Horse Club

Basket #14 – “Horse Show Necessities” donated by Gulf Coast Junior Paint Horse Club

Basket #15 – “Horse Show in a Bucket” donated by Michigan Paint Horse Club & Northern Michigan Paint Horse Club

Basket #16 – “Horse Fun!” donated by Oklahoma Paint Horse Club

Basket #17 – “Picture THIS!” donated by Alison Umberger

Basket #18 – “Wine Time” donated by MacKenzie Chapman

Basket #19 – “Get Beach Ready!” donated by Florida Paint Horse Club

Reece Chapman of Bellevue, Michigan, was the high-selling AjPHA Youth selling over $650 in raffle tickets. The Texas Paint Horse Club’s “It’s Your Lucky Day” basket—filled with more than $160 in lottery tickets—received the most tickets, earned the club a full day of Youth Lounge sponsorship for 2018.


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