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Stretch your horse show budget with July’s free Paint Horse Journal story

There’s no denying it: horses are expensive. The funds add up even further when you pile on the costs of competition—clothing, class fees, gas bills, hotels … the list goes on and on. Savvy spenders, however, can make the most out of tight budgets while still enjoying their favorite equine endeavors. Our money masters share their tricks in this month’s FREE story from the Paint Horse Journal, “Showing on a Shoestring.”

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What you’ll find in the July PHJ Inside Look:
  • One FREE read: “Showing on a Shoestring,” which maps out constructive ways to make your equestrian hobby work on a tight budget
  • APHA Executive Director Billy Smith’s monthly column, “Fresh Paint,” which discusses the effects of rule RG-070.E. since its inception earlier in 2017
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  • Stallion Alley and PHJ Classifieds to help you find your next sire or show prospect.
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  • Discover maintenance hacks to make life easier around the farm
  • Meet the next generation of young breeders who have a passion for Paints
  • Dig deep into the symptoms, effects and management of PSSM
  • Make the most out of your pre-class preparation time in “The Game Plan.”
  • Meet “Member Profile” star Brittany Russell, who’s made her childhood dream of training horses come true despite tough times
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