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APHA sponsors awards at 2021 NCEA Championship

The American Paint Horse Association congratulates all student-athletes who competed in the 2021 National Collegiate Equestrian Association’s National Championship Show that took place in Waco, Texas, April 15–17. The partnership between APHA and the NCEA helps encourage the next generation of riders, strengthening the entire equine community.

APHA is proud to sponsor two awards at the prestigious event: the APHA/NCEA Elite Equestrian Award and the APHA/NCEA Academic Honor Roll.

The APHA/NCEA Elite Equestrian Award is given to the student-athlete with the highest GPA of any woman competing at the NCEA National Championship Show. APHA would like to congratulate sophomore Lori Ohannessian from Lynchburg University for being the top academic athlete in the event. Lori has received a 3.98 cumulative GPA while studying business administration and economics.

The APHA/NCEA Academic Honor Roll recognizes the top academic student athletes who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.25 while maintaining full-time enrollment in the previous spring and fall semesters respectively. This year, a total of 174 student-athletes were recognized for their success both in the arena and classroom during the 2020–21 academic year.

Help us congratulate the 202o-21 APHA/NCEA Academic Honor Roll:

Lily Beatty, Auburn
Ellie Becker, Auburn
Peyton Hall, Auburn
Rachel Hoopman, Auburn
Haylee Jerkins, Auburn
Lindsey Klein, Auburn
Ericka Koscinski, Auburn
Paige Matthies, Auburn
Mary McDaniel, Auburn
Helen Ulrich, Auburn
Pheobe Alwine, Baylor
Sarah Blan, Baylor
Maddy Bomba, Baylor
Sarah Boral, Baylor
Sarah Boston, Baylor
Tyler Bul, Baylor
Katie Cardenas, Baylor
Liana Caroccio, Baylor
Holly Carter, Baylor
Maggie Cincotta, Baylor
Madeline Garner, Baylor
Brooke Giacin, Baylor
Sara Greenhaw, Baylor
Grace Hall, Baylor
Gabby Marty, Baylor
Danielle McIlquham, Baylor
Catherine Moorhead, Baylor
Isabella Nunes, Baylor
Sam Papageorge, Baylor
Haley Petersen, Baylor
Rachel Powell, Baylor
Christina Rogalny, Baylor
Carly Salter, Baylor
Sydney Scheckel, Baylor
Ellen Schrotenboer, Baylor
Dominika Silvestri, Baylor
Bella Smith, Baylor
Hannah Stokan, Baylor
Ava Tracy, Baylor
Delaney VanHorn, Baylor
Caroline Weaver, Baylor
Morgan White, Baylor
Emma Witham, Baylor
Miranda Adcock, Delaware State
Kylie Bond, Delaware State
Anabelle Cimoli, Delaware State
Gabrielle Fournier, Delaware State
Mirey Kurkcuoglu, Delaware State
Mary Mccausland, Delaware State
Pamela Schork, Delaware State
Jenna Waddington, Delaware State
Elsie Wyngaard, Delaware State
Kersten Zehner, Delaware State
Grace Countryman, Fresno State
Alex Krebs, Fresno State
Brooklyn Moch, Fresno State
Madisen Torigiani, Fresno State
Anna Wegenast, Fresno State
Addison Welman, Fresno State
Carter Anderson, Georgia
Charlotte Anguiano, Georgia
Emily Blecher, Georgia
Madeline Epstein, Georgia
Emma Fiala, Georgia
Talia Forcina, Georgia
Gracie Himes, Georgia
Kathryn Jernick, Georgia
Victoria Kendle, Georgia
Miller Lantis, Georgia
Emily Leins, Georgia
McKenzie Maloney, Georgia
Killian Mullen, Georgia
Bay Noland-Armstrong, Georgia
Katie Ray, Georgia
Annalise Reed, Georgia
Kadie Sanford, Georgia
Alexa Schwartz, Georgia
Cassidy Scott, Georgia
Meg Seidel, Georgia
Taylor Staton, Georgia
Virginia Stearns, Georgia
Natalie Stoyko, Georgia
Hazel Taylor, Georgia
Adelaide Toensing, Georgia
Spencer Toohill, Georgia
Carley Yosurack, Georgia
Amanda Atkins, Oklahoma State
Anna Baird, Oklahoma State
Megan Donald, Oklahoma State
Josie Elliott, Oklahoma State
Kate Gauthier, Oklahoma State
Lauren Jost, Oklahoma State
Kalin Koechel, Oklahoma State
Caroline Nielson, Oklahoma State
Sidney Perdue, Oklahoma State
Caitlyn Sanchez, Oklahoma State
Lia Turenne, Oklahoma State
Faith Davis, SMU
Tali DeJong, SMU
Madi Johnson, SMU
Emma Jolly, SMU
Becky Morris, SMU
Payton Neiberger, SMU
Savannah Ostner, SMU
Addi Piper, SMU
Rylee Reiter, SMU
Sharese Rivait, SMU
Brecken Schaefer, SMU
Katie Shepherd, SMU
Elle Young, SMU
Kate Bonham, South Carolina
Gabrielle Brassard, South Carolina
Mira Clavecilla, South Carolina
Mary Margaret Coats, South Carolina
Nikita Cope, South Carolina
Rawleigh Harris, South Carolina
Mackenzie Matthews, South Carolina
Christina Mueller, South Carolina
Claire Pound, South Carolina
Josephine Rose, South Carolina
Michaela Schrim, South Carolina
Mackenzie Suffy, South Carolina
Tess Elliott, South Dakota State
Annika Hanson, South Dakota State
Nicole Hintz, South Dakota State
Aletta Husmann, South Dakota State
Laura Munger, South Dakota State
Rachel Retterath, South Dakota State
Kaitlyn Baker, TCU
Makenzy Barnes, TCU
Emma Brown, TCU
Alexis Cook, TCU
Josie Ferrante, TCU
Brianna Gonzalez, TCU
Kathleen Harrigan, TCU
Janelle Hennigsen, TCU
Catherine Shurtleff, TCU
Skylar Smith, TCU
Alex Albright, Texas A&M
Evelyn Beesaw, Texas A&M
Grace Bentien, Texas A&M
Rebecca Bigelow, Texas A&M
Tina Christie, Texas A&M
Alle Durkin, Texas A&M
Erin Griffin, Texas A&M
Julie Hill, Texas A&M
Isabella Littlejohn, Texas A&M
Taylor Masson, Texas A&M
Lauren Reid, Texas A&M
Morgan Rosia, Texas A&M
Lindsay Schauder, Texas A&M
Hannah Tapling, Texas A&M
Madison Wanicka, Texas A&M
Lauren Brigham, UC Davis
Sophia Calamari, UC Davis
Lena Cullen, UC Davis
Kathryn Flinn, UC Davis
Oceana Haaland, UC Davis
Katarina Merk, UC Davis
Cameron Nembach, UC Davis
Laura Wise, UC Davis
Tyler Anderson, UT Martin
Natalie Armstrong, UT Martin
Megan Huber, UT Martin
Shelby Jackson, UT Martin
Lizzy McCraddy, UT Martin
Anna Ordonio, UT Martin
Kyra Petty, UT Martin
Casey Ruggiero, UT Martin
Katelyn Schultz, UT Martin
Keey Seiter, UT Martin
Erica Snyder, UT Martin
Hallie Thomas, UT Martin
Grace York, UT Martin

Congratulations to all student-athletes competing at this year’s event!

For more information about the APHA Academic Honor Roll Student Athletes please visit: collegiateequestrian.com/news/2021/4/2/ncea-news-ncea-announces-2020-21-academic-awards.aspx

For more information about the APHA Elite Equestrian Award please visit: collegiateequestrian.com/news/2021/4/17/ncea-news-sweet-briar-georgia-named-national-champions.aspx

For more information about the APHA/NCEA partnership, click here.

For more information about how NCEA has partnered with APHA’s horseIQ platform, click here.


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