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NCEA joins APHA’s HorseIQ to deepen exhibitor-judge connection

HorseIQ, the virtual educational platform created by APHA for equine exhibitors and judges continues to gain popularity and expand its horizons. HorseIQ has partnered with the National Collegiate Equestrian Association  to provide added insight into what NCEA judges look for.

HorseIQ, has been bridging the gap between judge and exhibitor in equine competition since 2016, and brings learning to life for exhibitors seeking a deeper understand of the “whats and whys” behind their favorite classes. Video examples, voiceover explanations by the industry’s top judges and virtual tests put users in the judge’s chair.

This latest partnership is no different, and puts NCEA, the organization charged by the National Collegiate Athletic Association to oversee the sport of NCAA Equestrian on the college level, at the forefront with videos voiced by carded judges explaining what judges are specifically looking for in NCEA competition.

The new platform will also contain videos explaining the NCEA scoring systems as well as discussion of the differences between competing at breed shows and NCEA competitions. It’s a must-have for exhibitors wanting to compete in NCEA events as well as for those wanting to judge NCEA events.

“The NCEA is excited to partner with HorseIQ to provide student-athletes, fans, and judges new to NCEA competition with expert-level insights,” NCEA Executive Director Dr. Leah Fiorentino said. “There are so many wonderful judges who have worked at NCEA competitions, and we hope this new resource can provide important instructional cues for judges who may be new to the format. HorseIQ has developed a high quality educational tool and we are so pleased to be working with an industry leader!”

Joining HorseIQ is easy and gives you on-demand access to hundreds of video clips and judging criteria at the click of a button. Subscription fees start at $6.99 per month for APHA members or $9.99 per month for non-members. Join now at horseiq.com.

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