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AjPHA Youth Directors Named for 2017-18

Meet the amazing Youth elected to serve as AjPHA national directors. These dedicated individuals represent AjPHA’s 14 zones and every member residing within them.

Serving as a director is a fun but serious task. Their responsibilities include directing association business, voting on by-law changes and providing valuable input about ways to grow AjPHA and attract new Youth to the program. These Youth directors are invited to cast their votes online June 23–July 9 for the AjPHA Executive Committee; the results will be announced the week of July 10. National directors meet annually at the AjPHA National Convention, which takes place in conjunction with the AjPHA World Championship Show. This year, the National Convention is June 28 at the West Sale Arena.

Congratulations to the following AjPHA National Directors:

Micah Drinkard, Alabama

Brooklyn Moch, Alberta

Alyssa Donelson, Arizona

Willow Werlhof, California

Madison Mendes, California

Caroline Tasker, California

Caitlyn Carstens, Colorado

Hagen Davis, Colorado

Avery Foglesong, Colorado

Hannah Murusky, Colorado

Devyn Richey, Colorado

Haley Care, Florida

Adrienne DuBravec, Florida

Merrick Bessell, Florida

Grace Thompson, Florida

Cody Dulin, Idaho

Hunter Dulin, Idaho

Colton Dulin, Idaho

Alexa Grace Hattan, Illinois

Brady Hattan, Illinois

Sydney DePauw, Illinois

Jackie Woolever, Illinois

Gianna Pozzi, Illinois

Hannah Maher, Illinois

Rana Orsan, Illinois

Carly Rothfuss, Kansas

Reece Chapman, Michigan

Olivia Becker, Minnesota

Leah Johnson, Minnesota

Sarah Eliason, Missouri

Madelyn Giesman, Missouri

Renee Conklin, Missouri

Gillian Henson, Missouri

Kelsey Dunlap, Missouri

Clay Cumpton, Missouri

Clint Cumpton, Missouri

Cammi Giesman, Missouri

Kellianne Lunny, North Carolina

Kaden Strom, North Dakota

Levi Lutjelusche, Nebraska

Justin Lutjelusche, Nebraska

Alexis Hollenweger, New Jersey

Nikayla Hetzell, New Jersey

Anna Lia Sullivan, New Jersey

Mannetta McAvaddy, New Jersey

Katie Leonarski, New Jersey

Reese Yates, New Jersey

Kadence Bonacci, New Jersey

Alexis Lint, New York

Lauren Gralla, Oklahoma

Nicholas Gralla, Oklahoma

Avery Rees, Oklahoma

Grace Mayberry, Pennsylvania

Riley Summerall, Tennessee

Sabine Lazo, Texas

McKinley Novacek, Texas

Reagan Jennings, Texas

Shane Burch, Texas

Olivia Long, Texas

Samantha Stubblefield, Texas

Grace Hayslip, Texas

Colton Baxley, Texas

Teagan Goble, Texas

Amanda Nelson, Utah

Hannah Brown, Virginia

Maryann Johnson, Virginia

Madison Martin, Virginia

Alexandria Greene, Washington

Brittany Disch, Wisconsin

Molly Moe, Wisconsin

Victor Kvarnstrom, Sweden

If you don’t see your state listed, we are always on the hunt for National Directors from every state, province and country. Contact Christine Henry at [email protected] for more information on how to get involved.


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