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AjPHA Executive Committee elected at 2016 National Convention

At the 2016 AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, more than championship ribbons were awarded. Youth members met on June 29 at the AjPHA National Convention to elect the 2016–2017 AjPHA Executive Committee and vote on bylaw rule changes.

MacKenzie Chapman of Bellevue, Michigan, took the reins as the 2016–2017 AjPHA President, and she took the opportunity to introduce her presidential project, “We’ve Got Your Number.” Check out the September 2016 issue of the Paint Horse Journal for more information on this dynamic Youth and her plans for AjPHA this year.

The 2016–2017 AjPHA Executive Committee is:

President: MacKenzie Chapman of Bellevue, Michigan

President-Elect: Anna Lia Sullivan of Southampton, New Jersey

Vice President: Sabine Lazo of Caldwell, Texas

Secretary: Kieli Adkins of Queen Creek, Arizona

Treasurer: Brittany Disch of Monroe, Wisconsin

Zone 2: Kieli Adkins of Queen Creek, Arizona

Zone 4: Raegan Watson of Cleveland, Texas

Zone 5: Rana Orsan of Frontenac, Missouri

Zone 7: Anna Lia Sullivan of Southampton, New Jersey

Zone 9: Jordan Olson of Parrish, Florida

Zone 12: Ivana Pallister of The Netherlands

Youth members also voted on bylaw rule changes for the upcoming year; all but one was passed. Following the voting, Youth Committee Vice Chairman Sandi Morgan of Provo, Utah, led discussion on possible upcoming rule changes for the 2017–2018 year. 

AjPHA Bylaw Rule Changes:

Aj-I: Passed—Removes the responsibility of arbitrating controversies between Youth regional clubs.  

Aj-II: Passed—Adds an AjPHA Code of Conduct and aligns Youth disciplinary actions and procedures to GR-070.

Aj-II-1: Passed—Adds clarity to what is needed by AjPHA annually from each Youth club and adds the ability to pursue disciplinary action if this information is withheld/tardy.

Aj-III: Passed Changes the area/region an AjPHA National Director can represent from where they are a “bonafide resident” to locations where they are an active member of the regional club in that area.

Aj-III-1: Passed—Allows a non-resident active member of a regional club to fill a vacant AjPHA National Director spot.

Aj-IV: Defeated—Adds instructions on how to fill the AjPHA Executive Committee positions and provides a hierarchy should the two-representative maximum be met.

Aj-IV-2: Passed—Changes verbiage for clarity and continuity and allows for flexibility in AjPHA Executive Committee election procedures.

Aj-IV-3: Passed—Changes the announcement/meeting and removes the two-representative maximum.

To find out more about leadership opportunities in AjPHA, contact Director of Youth Activities Christine Henry at chenry@apha.com.


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