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2022 Youth Leadership Conference returns to the APHA World Show

APHA will once again host the Youth Leadership Conference in conjunction with the 2022 APHA World Show.

Why It Matters: The Youth Leadership Conference is an opportunity for all Youth to enhance their leadership skills while having fun with their peers. The 2021 Youth Leadership Conference was held in conjunction with the APHA World Show, and there was a 28 percent increase in attendance. By increasing attendance, we are enhancing our Youth leadership skills and knowledge within APHA.

  • WHO’S INVITED? All Youth are invited to attend along with parents and/or Youth advisor chaperones.
  • WHERE? The Youth Leadership Conference will take place at the APHA headquarters in the Fort Worth Stockyards.
  • WHEN? The conference will occur in conjunction with the 2022 APHA World Show and the exact date will be released with the APHA World Show schedule.
  • REGISTRATION? Registration will open with World Show pre-entries and will be available on the Youth Leadership Conference page.

QUESTIONS? Contact APHA Director of Youth Activities, Megan McMullen, at MMcMullen@apha.com


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