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APHA introduces NEW Youth Futurity Project

Youth have the chance to earn prizes and recognition for their equine futurity projects starting in 2022. The program is open to all Youth exhibitors and all breeds of horses, with extra incentives offered to Paint Horse futurity projects. The objective is to teach and encourage Youth to learn horse-training skills by raising and training their own animals. Outside guidance from trainers, parents and/or coaches is allowed, but Youth are required to be the sole handler as of April 1 of the show year. The culmination of the project takes place at the 2022 APHA World Championship Show.

Youth Futurity Project Rules

  • Classes are open to all-breeds of horses with extra incentives for APHA-registered horses (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred).
  • Exhibitors must hold a current AjPHA membership, and be 18 & under as of January 1 of the current year.
  • There are no ownership requirements.
  • Guidance from outside trainers, parents and/or coaches is allowed, but ONLY the Youth may handle the horse after April 1 of the current show year.
  • Classes will take place at the 2022 APHA World Championship Show.
  • All exhibitors must provide APHA a log of the work they have done with their horse and the logbook will count as a separate individual class entry. Logbook requirements will be posted by April 1.
  • An eligibility statement must be signed by the exhibitor and their parent/legal guardian.


  • Yearling Halter
  • Yearling Longe Line
  • Yearling Showmanship
  • Project Logbook

*In all performance and halter classes, it is at the judge’s discretion to ask exhibitors questions on basic horse knowledge. Responses will be taken into account in the overall class score.


  • Top 6 placings will be recognized in each individual class.
  • Overall placings will be awarded to the Top 3.
  • The overall Highest-Placing Paint Horse will be awarded.


The Youth Futurity Project will take place at the APHA World Show, but the exact date will be released with the World Show schedule.

Questions? Contact APHA Director of Youth Activities Megan McMullen at MMcMullen@apha.com.



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