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2014 Standing Committee Appointments Announced

The 2014 list of Standing Committee members is now available on apha.com. Committees are reviewed and revised annually by the association president, who takes into account suggestions and requests from APHA members and staff.

committeesCurrently, APHA has 13 standing committees—each of which is comprised of members, an Executive Committee liaison and a staff liaison. These committees are vital to provide input and suggestions about issues facing the organization and ways to help it prosper. Because they represent different regions of APHA, committee members meet virtually throughout the year—utilizing conference calls, video chats, virtual meetings and more; committees also meet face-to-face at the APHA Convention in February, or at other designated events.

The chairs and vice chairs of the 2014 standing committees are as follows. Member input is encouraged; contact information for all committee members is available online.



  • Chair—Melanie Cox-Dayhuff
  • Vice—Jan Mannion

Breed Integrity/Registration

  • Chair—Sharon Bonner-Brown
  • Vice—Renee Robinson

General Show & Contest

  • Chair—Mark Kuhlwein
  • Vice—Ann Jones


  • Chair—Carl Thurow
  • Vice—Viggo Mortensen


  • Chair—David Denniston
  • Vice—Rob Meneely

Long-Range Planning

  • Chair—Don Beard
  • Vice—Kevin Smith


  • Chair—Jackie Mellon
  • Vice—Paula Mullins

Professional Horseman

  • Chair—Gerald Butler
  • Vice—Jan Larsen


  • Chair—Francisco “Pancho” Villarreal
  • Vice—Steve Wright

Recreational Riding

  • Chair—Anita Hertner
  • Vice—Carl Thurow

Regional Club

  • Chair—Lori Nevin
  • Vice—Butch Maxwell


  • Chair—Linda Vance
  • Vice—Denise Armstrong


  • Chair—Sue Woodson
  • Vice—Sandi Morgan


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