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$20 million NRBC is first stop for 2017 APHA Paint reining buckle program

APHA and the National Reining Breeders Classic are joining forces again to offer custom Gist Silversmith buckles to top Paint Horses at the April 16–23 show in Katy, Texas. With a new design in place this year, these awards buckles will be offered to the highest-scoring or high-point Paints in the following aged event and ancillary classes:

  • Non Pro Classic – Level 4
  • Non Pro Classic – Level 3
  • Non Pro Classic – Level 2
  • Non Pro Classic – Level 1
  • Open Classic – Level 4
  • Open Classic – Level 3
  • Open Classic – Level 2
  • Open Classic – Level 1
  • Non Pro Classic Challenge
  • Open Classic Challenge
  • Open
  • Non Pro
  • Rookie
  • Youth

APHA Senior Director of Business Development Kalyn Sanders says NRBC is the perfect venue for this awards program.

“This year, the NRBC is celebrating its 20th year, and it is known as one of the largest and most popular NRHA-approved events among reining owners and exhibitors,” she said.“APHA is always excited to provide added recognition to Paint reiners at such a significant event.”

Since its inception, the National Reining Breeders Classic has grown to include more than 200 subscribed stallions, and in its 20th year in 2017, the total payout will exceed $20 million.

“We are honored to have the American Paint Horse Association coming back to the NRBC,” NRBC Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Magoteaux Cody said. “We are so excited to see the new buckle design and know that they will be a treasured award for the winners. We appreciate APHA’s commitment to our show and love having this additional opportunity for our exhibitors.”

APHA will also award high-point Paint Horse buckles at the Tulsa Reining Classic, High Roller Reining Classic and Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity. To register your Regular Registry or Solid Paint-Bred horse today to be eligible for APHA’s awards and incentives, visit apha.com and click on “Register a Horse” at the top of the page.

NRBC is also one of the NRHA-approved events for APHA World Show qualification. For more information, visit apha.com/reining. To learn more about the NRBC or to enter your Paint, visit nrbc.com.



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