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Put genetics on your side with UF’s online horse genetics course

A hot topic in the Paint Horse world, genetics can be a powerful ally when it comes to breeding quality horses with the chrome you love. Put the power of genetics on your side by enrolling in the University of Florida’s online horse genetics course April 3–May 12.

Taught 100% online, the six-week course begins April 3. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll get access to weekly video lessons, guided exercises and more to grasp how genetics can work for your breeding program. APHA members save $25 on the course enrollment.

Enroll Now

Whether you’re a veteran breeder or just interesting in learning more about the ways Paints are “unique by design,” this online course is just for you. Dr. Samantha Brooks, assistant professor at the University of Florida and a special genetics liaison for APHA, leads the class.

You’ll learn about:

  • How genes are inherited, and how to predict phenotype
  • Color & pattern genetics
  • Genetic diseases
  • How to advantageously use genetic testing to plan your breeding program

“This course is one way to improve color production in the Paint Horse breed; anyone who genuinely wants to contribute to chrome in our breed should enroll,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said.

Pre-enrollment is required, and APHA members receive a special discounted rate of $175—that’s a $25 savings! Register online at reg.distance.ufl.edu.

Enhance your experience by ordering the accompanying book, Horse Genetics, 2nd Edition, by Earnest Bailey and Samantha Brooks—it’s available online.

For more information, visit ufequinegenetics.org/online-courses.html.


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