Editorial Mission

Chrome is commonly used to describe the flashy white markings that make a Paint Horse stand out over any other breed. No two Paint Horses are alike, and neither are the people who love them.

It’s this uniqueness—this common thread of passion for the Paint Horse—that is the foundation of Chrome, an equestrian magazine like no other:

  • Guaranteed circulation of at nearly 40,000 with 120,000 readers places Chrome in the Top Five of equestrian lifestyle magazines.
  • Printed with a trim-size of 10”x12” on high-quality paper stock, this coffee-table magazine stands apart.
  • Its large-format contemporary design with stunning photography and insightful stories encourages readers to keep picking it up time and time again, promising a longer shelf life.
2016 Editorial Highlights
Volume 1 (April)—Legacy

In the midst of modern conveniences that help enrich our lives, the legacy of Western culture is still central to CHROME readers. From entrepreneurs who are getting back in touch with their cowboy roots to ways you can bring it into your own backyard, this issue is all about celebrating our colorful Western heritage.

  • Feature: Mega Decks host/owner Garth Hystad
  • Feature: Terry & Nick Sartain’s legacies of success
  • Colorful Character: Walker Blankenship / NYC Horses
  • Keepin’ It Fresh with Kalley Krickeberg
  • To the Dogs with Hilton Butler
  • In Design: Cimarron River Jewelry
  • In Style: Spring fashion
  • At Heart: Herd dynamics
  • For the Soul: Angel of Two Mule Junction
  • Discover: Paints in art
  • The Rural Life: Western kitchens
  • No Fences
  • Wanderlust: Equestrian vacations
  • Have Horse, will Travel: Introducing kids to horses
  • Web extras
 Volume 2 (August)—Way of Life

A staple of cowboy culture, riding for the brand is synonymous with hard workers who get the job done right, take pride in their work and never stop striving for the best. Staying true to the Western way of life that fortifies our CHROME readers’ lives, this issue honors standouts who are modern pioneers in their own way.

  • Feature: Flying U Rodeo Company
  • Feature: Three Nails Ranch
  • Colorful Character: Pam Loomis
  • Keepin’ It Fresh with Kalley Krickeberg
  • To the Dogs with Hilton Butler
  • In Design: Leather & Turquoise
  • In Style: Fall Fashion
  • At Heart: Yoga for riding
  • Discover: Mounted archery
  • The Rural Life: Cowboy cooking
  • No Fences
  • Wanderlust: Livery stables
  • Have Horse, Will Travel: Military base boarding
  • Web extras
 Volume 3 (November)—Blending Out

Central to the Western lifestyle is the desire to always find better ways and new ways to approach all aspects of life. Always going above and beyond–and looking good while doing it–these innovators reap success from fertile ground. Showcase your latest and greatest in this issue of CHROME.

  • Feature: Fall & Winter Fashions
  • Feature: TBD
  • Colorful Character: Heidi McLaughlin, author
  • Keepin’ It Fresh with Kalley Krickeberg
  • To the Dogs with Hilton Butler
  • In Design: Custom boot maker
  • In Style: Winter wonders
  • At Heart: Find your flow
  • For the Soul: Julie Harman
  • Discover: Illustrator Jared Paul Wilson
  • The Rural Life: Landscape lighting
  • Wanderlust: Historic Fort Worth
  • Have Horse, Will Travel: Wilderness management
  • Web extras
***All editorial is subject to change.

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