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American Paint Horse Association Trail Ride Adventures
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If you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to see some of America’s most beautiful countryside from the back of your horse, you’ll want to consider an adventure with the American Paint Horse Association. APHA has outstanding rides planned across the country, and the experience is sure to be one that you will cherish for a lifetime.

APHA welcomes everyone to ride along on any of its outings this year, and they may participate on any breed of horse or mule. So, sign up today for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and see America the way it should be seen – with your horse and a fine group of friends from APHA.
Rules of the Ride

APHA’s Flagship Trail Ride: September 11–16, 2017
22nd Annual Fort Robinson Trail Ride
Located at Fort Robinson State Park, three miles west of Crawford, Nebraska
Take the ultimate equine destination vacation with APHA on the all-inclusive Fort Robinson Trail Ride. The association’s flagship trail ride, this location is rich in the history of the American West. Today, it offers visitors a unique way to touch history, meet fellow Paint enthusiasts and see some of America’s most scenic views.

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Regional Rides

2nd Annual NPHC Trail Ride for Fun: October 7, 2017
Washoe Lake State Park, near Carson City, NV
Spend the day riding a variety of trails around the Washoe Lake State Park.  The trails interconnect and wind through wetlands, sand dunes, and low brush areas in a Nevada State Park that covers 8,000 acres.  Washoe Lake State Park is located approximately 10 miles north of Carson City and 15 miles south of Reno.  Follow the signs to Washoe Lake State Park.  For more information, contact David Ruby at (775) 267-2668 or by email at davidgruby26@aol.com.

Virginia Paint Horse Club Fall Trail Ride: November 4, 2017
Staunton River State Park
Join the Virginia Paint Horse Club enjoying the maintained state park trails that meander along rolling terrain, through woods, and over bridges with scenic views of the Dan and Staunton Rivers.  The park is located at 1170 Staunton Trail, Scottsburg, VA 24589.  For more information contact Kim Burnop at (757) 536-7888 or burnopranch@yahoo.com.

Check back often for more scheduled rides.

APHA PAC program

For those who prefer to ride at their own pace, the association offers two recreational riding categories in the APHA PAC program – Recreational Riding and Youth Recreational Riding. Through this saddle-log program, members earn rewards and recognition for their achievements riding or driving an American Paint Horse.

When riders enroll in PAC, they record each hour spent riding or driving their American Paint Horse (not including APHA approved shows and competitions) and as they move through achievement levels—from 100 to 10,000 hours—APHA records their accomplishments.

Free guide for trail riders

To further serve the needs of trail riders, APHA offers a Guide to Recreational Riding. This booklet covers a variety of topics, including everything from training tips for trail horses to a comprehensive list of what to take along for the ride.

For groups interested in hosting rides, the booklet also contains valuable information about organizing, promoting and administering rides. The guide also contains a listing of recreational riding resource material.

For more information about the APHA’s Trail Rides, contact us by sending an e-mail to cgrier@apha.com, or call 817-222-6413.


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