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APHA Xtras Promo Box

The “Paint Points” newsletter templates will help you get started in designing a professional look for your club newsletter. Three templates utilizing the most popular software programs are available for your club’s use. Download the “How To” PDF for detailed information on how to use the templates.

Each newsletter and its associated graphics and images are contained in a ZIP file that can be downloaded into your computer. A ZIP file is like a suitcase that holds all the documents and protects them against file corruption as they zoom along the Internet into your computer. Once downloaded, simply double-click on the ZIP file to extract the tempates.

Gold Star Club PNG
Clubs of Distinction PNG

Newsletter Templates
How to use the Newsletter Templates PDF
Microsoft Word Template ZIP
Microsoft Publisher Template ZIP
Quark Xpress Template ZIP

Press Release Template
How to use the Press Release Template PDF
Press Release Template ZIP

How to Write Great Online News Releases PDF courtesy of PRWeb.com

The APHA Pressroom is a great source of press releases that you can use as a guide for creating your own.


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