Transported Cooled/Frozen Semen

The use of transported cooled/frozen semen has proven a boon to the Paint breed, not only opening a wider market for stallion owners but providing mare owners a world of breeding options.

For these breedings that have taken place in 2016 and prior, the association requires a Transported Cooled/Frozen Transported Semen Permit and fee to be on file annually. In order to ship semen, the stallion owner, lessee of record or authorized agent (all will be referred to as “stallion owner”) must complete the application annually, which can be downloaded from APHA’s Forms Page, and submit it with the $100 fee to APHA. Once the application is approved, the stallion is assigned a permit number and the owner is sent Collection and Insemination Reports. Owners can begin shipping semen as soon as they receive their reports.

Beginning January 1, 2017, the Transported Cooled/Frozen Transported Semen Permit and fee is no longer required. The elimination of this decades-old fee is designed to make it easier and more affordable to breed Paint Horses.


The Details (2016 & prior)

Each time semen is shipped to a mare, the stallion owner must fill out the collection (upper) portion of the Collection and Insemination Report, keep the gold copy for his or her files, and send the rest of the form with the semen shipment to the mare owner.

A stallion’s semen can be shipped to a mare as many times as needed during a calendar year. However, if the mare does not conceive during that year, the stallion owner must renew the permit the following year to continue shipping semen to that mare.

Mare owners do not need to fill out any forms before receiving semen, but they must complete reports after breeding. After receiving and inseminating the mare, mare owners must complete the insemination (lower) portion of the report, then mail the white copy to APHA and the yellow copy to the stallion owner. The pink copy is for the mare owner’s records.

As is the case with any other breeding arrangement, mare owners should have a signed agreement with the stallion owner in advance of the breeding. In addition to setting a breeding and shipping price, the mare and stallion owner should discuss the details of things such as use and shipment of the semen container and the method of payment.

Please note that breeding contracts are agreements between the mare and stallion owners only. APHA plays no part in these business arrangements.

Stallion owners should be aware that the stallion breeding report must include all mares exposed to transported cooled semen, whether or not the mare conceives.

Also note that foals resulting from transported semen must be parentage verified before registration can be completed.

For further information on the paperwork necessary for the use of cooled/frozen transported semen, please call APHA at (817) 834-2742, extension 777.


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