The Stallion Breeding Report

Think of the APHA’s Stallion Breeding Report as simply another tool the association uses to maintain the integrity of the breed. Though simple to fill out, this report provides invaluable documentation to ensure pedigrees are accurately recorded.

The Stallion Breeding Report is the stallion owner’s method of reporting which mares were exposed to his stallion during each breeding season. This information is valuable not only in the completion of foal registrations the following year, but also in monitoring the health of the APHA. Stallion breeding statistics are an effective barometer of activity for the coming year. An active breeding season reflects a healthy breed.

On-line Registration
It is now possible to register your foal on-line. The following items are required:

  1. Current APHA membership
  2. Pin number to access the on-line registration process
  3. Membership ID# of Dam at time of foaling
  4. Release Breeder’s Certificate
  5. Breeder’s Certificate control number
  6. Photographs
  7. Visa or Master Card

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Registration by Mail
Although the postmark deadline is November 30, the department asks stallion owners to mail early. Reports are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so owners who mail a complete, accurate report will receive their preprinted breeder’s certificates earlier. Errors on the report or inaccurate fees will delay printing of the certificates. For Stallions standing South of the equator the deadline is on or before May 31st of the year of breeding.

Preprinted breeder’s certificates are mailed to stallion owners whose Paint, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred stallion bred one or more mares. These certificates contain the stallion and mare information, and the dates of breeding. All the stallion owner has to do is sign the certificate and forward it to the mare owner.

This program was initially designed to assist stallion owners in providing consistent breeding information to the mare owner, but APHA has benefitted also. Prior to the preprinted breeders certificate program, there was a high percentage of incomplete or incorrect certificates turned in. This program has significantly reduced those errors.

However, it is important to note that stallion owners are not required to use the preprinted form. They can issue hand-written certificates if they prefer to do so.

Be sure to list the registered name and number of each mare exposed to your stallion, whether or not the mare conceived. Paint stallion owners should list all Paint, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred mares. Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred stallion owners need list only the Paint mares exposed to their stallions.

Pinto, Arabian, or other breeds of mares need not be reported, because their foals are not eligible for registration with APHA.

If the mare exposed is a Paint mare whose registration application has not been completed, be sure to identify the mare by her sire, dam, and work order number.

Include the appropriate “Method of Breeding” information on each mare. Pasture breedings can be reported as the first day the mare was put into the pasture and the day she was removed. Transported semen dates should be listed as the dates the mare was actually inseminated, not the shipping dates. Mare owners need to supply this information to the stallion owner.

Embryo transfer, hand breeding, and artificial insemination dates should be listed specifically by the first day of breeding and the last.

When filling out a Stallion Breeding Report, keep the following points in mind:

  • Review the report before mailing it to APHA. Does it contain complete, accurate information for each mare listed, including dates and the year of breeding?
  • Be sure the correct signature appears on the report. Even if a third party is standing the stallion, only the recorded stallion owner or authorized agent can sign the report.
  • If the stallion sells during breeding season, each owner is responsible for submitting a report reflecting the breedings occurring during his or her ownership.
  • If this is the first breeding season for the stallion, be sure the stallion listing fee has been included. QH/TB stallions must submit a Stallion listing card. Also, remember that the horse’s DNA must be on file. A DNA kit is available upon request for $60.
  • Be sure to include proper fees with the report. Member fees are calculated at $10 for the report, and $5 for each mare listed on the report. Nonmember rates are $25 for the report, and $10 for each mare listed. (A membership can be purchased at the time the report is submitted to take advantage of the lower member rates.)
  • Mail early.


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