The Breeder’s Certificate:

If you want to register your foal, APHA needs this piece of paper.

The stallion service certificate, commonly called the breeder’s certificate, is a key document in the registration of a new foal.

The breeder’s certificate certifies that the named stallion was bred to the named mare on the date(s) listed. This certificate is required on all horses, with the only exception being if the person applying for the registration of a foal was also the owner of both the sire and dam of the foal at the time of service. If that is the case, a signed breeder’s certificate is not required. However the name of the sire & dam are still required.

Everyone else must use either separate breeder’s certificates or those included on Part 2 of the registration application. Stallion owners will receive pre-printed registration applications in the spring following the breeding season reported. (The sire and dam and breeding dates for each exposure will be pre-printed on applications and mailed to the stallion owner.) The stallion owner can then sign it and give it to the mare owner to use when the time comes to register the foal.

Breeder’s certificates, which are available from the APHA, are issued solely at the stallion owner’s discretion. Terms for when the breeder’s certificate will be submitted to the APHA vary among stallion owners. Typically, a stallion owner will submit the certificate when:


  1. The stud fee has been paid;
  2. The mare is pronounced in foal;
  3. The mare is picked up by the mare owner;or
  4. A live foal is produced.


Likewise, the mare owner should have a signed stallion contract to ensure that the stallion owner fulfills his or her end of the agreement.

To be valid, a breeder’s certificate must be signed at the time of service, either by the stallion owner or an authorized agent. What happens to with the breeder’s certificate after the mare is serviced determines whether her foal may be registered with the American Paint Horse Association.


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