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Zone 1 prepares to host inaugural Northwest Paint Horse Championship

If you own a Paint Horse and live in the Pacific Northwest, take note: the inaugural Northwest Paint Horse Championship is where you’ll want to be August 14-17. Held in conjunction with the Zone 1 Zone-O-Rama in Albany, Oregon, the Northwest Paint Horse Championship features a slate of specially selected classes to recognize and reward new Paint Horse exhibitors within the Zone 1 area.

Designed with an emphasis of encouraging participation from new and local exhibitors, 13 regional champion classes—selected by Zone 1 representatives and designated as “Zone 1 Rookie” classes on the show bill—will be available with limited eligibility.

Northwest champions will receive custom Gist Silversmiths trophy buckles, and medallions will be awarded to second- through tenth-place exhibitors. Awards are sponsored by APHA.

“We are excited to partner with Zone 1 to offer Northwest championship classes this year,” Senior Director of Shows Holly Slaughter said. “Coupled with a warm welcome from Zone 1 regional clubs’ members, the Northwest Paint Horse Championship might play a pivotal role in attracting new Paint Horse exhibitors to the region’s premier show and encourage them to remain part of the Zone 1 APHA family.”

Northwest Paint Horse Championship Eligibility Criteria
The Northwest Paint Horse Championship classes have limited eligibility, and exhibitors must meet the following requirements.

Exhibitors may not have competed previously at the Zone 1 show, and they must be a resident of Zone 1. Classes/exhibitors must follow APHA rules, and horses must be registered with APHA and follow exhibitor/ownership rules. Exhibitors must be members of APHA and qualify for the appropriate exhibitor card. No APHA points will be awarded for these classes.

Northwest Paint Horse Championship class exhibitors may cross enter into the Zone 1 ZOR classes. For more information about the Northwest Paint Horse Championship or the Zone 1 ZOR, visit the show’s website. Questions can be directed to Show Secretary Linda Wise at (504) 537-4386 or via email.

The following Zone 1 Rookie classes will take place during the 2014 Northwest Paint Horse Championship:

Amateur Halter Geldings
Amateur Halter Mares
Youth Halter Geldings
Youth Halter Mares
Amateur Western Pleasure
Amateur Hunter Under Saddle
Amateur Showmanship at Halter
Amateur Solid Paint-Bred Western Pleasure
Amateur Barrel Racing
Youth Western Pleasure
Youth Hunter Under Saddle
Youth Showmanship at Halter
Youth Barrel Racing

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