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UF online genetics class offers APHA member discount

Horse breeding can be complicated, especially when you add chrome markings for which the Paint breed is known to your foal wish list of conformation, temperament, performance and health. Take some of the mystery out of horse breeding by enhancing your knowledge of horse genetics and how they can influence your breeding decisions through the University of Florida’s online extension education course, “Horse Genetics.”

This six-week program is completely online and self-paced, and takes place June 27–August 5; APHA members receive a special discounted enrollment

ufgenetics_dec9179Taught by University of Florida Assistant Professor Dr. Samantha Brooks—she presented “Paint Horse Genetics” at the 2016 APHA Convention—this course examines the inheritance of various traits, including coat color, genetic diseases, performance and behavior, and more. Each week, a new subject is covered for a total of six modules. In total, the program requires about three hours of work per week to complete; at the conclusion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion.

Breeders, trainers, equestrian professionals and enthusiasts—this class is for you! Topics covered include:

  • How to use principles of inheritance to predict phenotype based on genotype.
  • How to identify the symptoms and implications of equine genetic diseases.
  • How to utilize available genetic tests to plan a breeding program.

“This course is one way to improve color production in the Paint Horse breed; anyone who genuinely wants to contribute to chrome in our breed should enroll,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said.

Normally $200, APHA members can enroll for $175 through this special link.

APHA members receive $25 off the online course fee—registrations are limited, so enroll now!


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