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Trio of wins for Chrome in 2023 AHP Equine Media Awards

Equine Media AwardsChrome magazine picked up three first-place honors in the 2023 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards. Altogether, Chrome and the Paint Horse Journal were honored with nine awards in writing and design categories that spanned the entire equine media landscape.

American Horse Publications is the preeminent professional organization for equine media, and this year’s contest featured 515 entries from 87 AHP member organizations. Results were announced June 24 during the AHP Equine Media Conference in Tempe, Arizona.

  • 1st Association Equine Media Feature Single Article: “The Concrete Cure” by Jessica Hein, Fall 2022 Chrome
  • 1st Association Equine Media Cover Page Design: “Cowboy Man” designed by Jody Johnson, Spring 2022 Chrome
  • 1st Freelance Writer Personality Profile Single Article: “Lyle @ Home” by Allison Rehnborg, Spring 2022 Chrome
  • 2nd Association Equine Media Service to the Consumer Single Article: “Building a Brand” by Abigail Boatwright, July/August 2022 Paint Horse Journal
  • 2nd Service to the Horse Industry Single Article: “Marked For Greatness” by Jessica Hein, January/February 2022 Paint Horse Journal
  • 2nd Association Equine Media Editorial Design: “Lyle @ Home” designed by Art Vasquez, Spring 2022 Chrome
  • 2nd Freelance Writer Equine Journalism Article: “Lyle @ Home” by Allison Rehnborg, Spring 2022 Chrome
  • 3rd Association Equine Media Editorial Design: “Scents & Sensibility” designed by Ron Bonge, Winter 2022 Chrome
  • Honorable Mention Association Equine Media Editorial Design: “Gene Pool Puzzle” designed by Art Vasquez, November/December 2022 Paint Horse Journal



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