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Three tips to focus on fun with the Paint Horse Journal

In the world of equine competition, tough exhibitors, stress and the lure of points and prizes can make the environment feel less than welcoming. Some regional APHA clubs, however, are going back to the basics to encourage participation and growth.

The Paint Horse Journal caught up with several regional club leaders in “Focused on Fun” in the December issue. Read on for tips to add more fun to your regional club experience, and pick up your copy of the December Journal to get the full scoop. Subscribe, renew or order a back issue of the Journal today!

  •  Reduce cost, but add value

Finding ways to help show attendees save money might seem counter-intuitive to the health of an association, but it can help draw higher numbers and happy repeat customers.

Clubs like the Virginia Paint Horse Club add value—and entice Youth members—by offering scholarships. Added value can also come in the form of non-competitive events, socials and fundraises.

  • Attract regional participation outside the show pen

Give local APHA members a reason to get involved regionally by stepping up your non-show activities. Consider hosting a high-quality year-end meeting, developing a fundraiser members can get passionate about or find ways to help another local group with similar interests.

  • Refocus

Remember why members own horses—because it’s fun! Regional clubs should reflect that attitude. For example, the Texas Paint Horse Club uses fun events to raise money for Youth scholarships, while the Virginia Paint Horse Club looks for ways to balance serious competition with a strong sense of family and camaraderie.

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