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Team USA defends title in 2021 Youth World Games

Results from APHA’s highly anticipated 2021 Youth World Games, postponed a year due to the pandemic and held virtually due to international travel restrictions, were announced today during the European Paint Horse Championship in Kreuth, Germany. When the (virtual) dust settled, Team USA successfully defended their title, narrowly edging out Team Germany for the top spot.

Eight teams from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and the United States competed, submitting video entries in showmanship, horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation and ranch riding. Overall placings are based on a compiled score; in teams with five members, the lowest score is dropped.

Every other year, this international event brings our youth members together in fun and friendly team competition—this time virtually—for prizes and bragging rights. Each member of the top three teams receives a Gist Silversmiths trophy buckle.

Congratulations to the overall winners:

  • Youth World Games Champions – Team USA earning a total of 40 points
    • Team Members: Antonia Dinulescu, Josie Eckert, Katelyn Daniells, Lauren Gralla, Mannetta McAvaddy, Coach Pat Trebesch and Manager Dustin Boehmer.
  • Youth World Games Reserve Champions – Team Germany earning a total of 34 points
    • Team Members: Cindy Constantin, Kristin Gerdau, Larissa Hahn, Zoe Christine Cosic, Coach Katharina Weber and Manager Jasmin Schuster
  • 3rd Place – Team Austria earning a total of 28 points
    • Team Members: Anna Mayr, Christina Mayr, Emely Matschy, Felix Friess, Joanna Salleger, Coach Johanna Grabner and Manager Brigitte Mayr
  • 4th Place – Team Italy earning a total of 21 points
    • Team Members: Beatrice Pasqual, Denise D’uscio, Emilia Barban, Verena Zanchetta, Coach Matteo Sala and Manager Ivan Simeoni
  • 5th Place – Team Netherlands earning a total of 20 points
    • Team Members: Anne Luitjens, Cyann Molengraaf, Isabel Oskam, Janice Remmers, Kevin Holthuijsen and Coach Saskia Moeskops

What APHA President Alison Umberger says: The Youth World Games present such a unique opportunity to bring together young Paint Horse competitors from around the globe. Although the teams were not able to come together in person this year, the opportunity for our international youth to go head to head with their U.S. counterparts provided another fierce competition as well as a highlight to many youth careers. All competitors should be proud of their accomplishments and we look forward to welcoming the Youth World Games teams back to EuroPaint in 2022.

Full results are available online and can be found on the Youth World Games webpage.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including our team coaches, managers, those who donated horses and so many more. You made this an unforgettable experience for APHA’s Youth members.

Want to know more? Contact Megan McMullen, APHA’s director of Youth activities.


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