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Task Forces Present Reports at APHA Convention


February 23, 2014

Two APHA task forces—appointed at the 2013 APHA Workshop to study several issues of association importance—presented their reports to members at the 2014 APHA Convention February 23 in Irving, Texas.

The Performance Licensing Task Force was originally developed to recapture cattle-event Paint Horses whose registration papers had been lost or subjected to unrecorded transfers that render them ineligible for current registration.


Following thorough discussion and input from APHA members, the Performance Licensing Task Force voted to not bring the proposal forward to the rule change process.


A three-person APHA Governance Task Force—consisting of Mary Parrott, Craig Wood and Mike Short—also presented their findings.


Governance is how the association manages its policies, rules and affairs—the bylaws and general rules in the Official APHA Rule Book. Executive Committee member Craig Wood encouraged members to look specifically at governance regarding the APHA board of directors, Executive Committee selection, regional clubs, and committees and their structure. Additional clarification in those areas will allow the association to be more agile and efficient in its actions, allowing it to outperform competitors.


“Speed and continuous improvement is what will keep us ahead of our competition,” Craig said. “We have the technology and the ability—we just have to define the governance and processes that will allow us to get there.”


Craig encourages members to subject potential ideas to the “yes test.” If the answer is yes to each of the following four questions, send the recommendation to the task force.


–       Does it allow APHA to work more quickly and efficiently?

–       Does it add value to APHA?

–       Will it give APHA a competitive advantage?

–       Does it remove something that prevents us from achieving greatness?

All suggestions need to be submitted by March 31—the task force will review all suggestions and create a rule change proposal by August 1 for discussion or vote at the 2015 APHA Convention. Contact information for the task force members follows:


Mike Short
(903) 312-2628


Mary Parrott
(318) 255-8153


Craig Wood
(859) 608-1014

AIM: ch0rs3




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