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Super-charge your show experience with Paint Alternative Competition

Paint Alternative Competition is the perfect combination of freedom and rewards, and a January 2014 rule change made earning credits for your hard work even easier. Make sure you’re not missing out on great opportunities.

As of January 2014, APHA no longer requires organizations or events to apply for PAC approval. PAC Coordinator Karen Utecht says the change was made to create even more rewards opportunities for Paint owners who enjoy showing outside of typical APHA-approved events.

“PAC is about making showing and earning credits with APHA easier, and we’re always looking for new ways to make the PAC experience better,” Karen said. “By eliminating the PAC approval process, it is simpler for competitors to enjoy the added rewards PAC offers.”

Simple Showing

Elimination of PAC approval means showing opportunities are endless for the dedicated rider. Keep these tips in mind when planning the rest of your show season.

  •  The 2014 rule change means nearly all shows and organizations are eligible to count toward PAC credits. Without event approval, there’s no more hunting for shows that are PAC-approved—every show hosted by your favorite organization is an opportunity to double-dip your rewards.
  • All other rules regarding PAC credit reporting remain the same. After you’ve finished a successful show day with your Paint and filled out your exhibitor report, stop by the show office and collect the signature of the show manager or secretary. By signing your report, the show secretary indicates the results are correct and agrees to keep show records for one year after the show date. APHA may request results for verification if necessary.
  • Remember, PAC credits can only be earned in open or all-breed classes. That is, a rider cannot earn points from another national breed association (such as the American Quarter Horse Association) and earn PAC credits in the same class. An all-breed class offered during a breed association’s show could count toward PAC credits. Contact APHA for verification.
  • Your horse must be PAC enrolled before he can earn credits, and both the horse’s exhibitor and owner must be current APHA members.
  • Additional PAC categories were added in 2014, as well—including MORE categories just for Youth. Check the full list of event categories to make sure you’re getting all the rewards you can.
  • Mail your completed report, along with a show bill, within 30 days of the competition.
  • PAC credits are recorded on your Paint’s official record, and they count toward achievement certificates and exciting year-end awards. You can check your year-end standings with a Silver subscription to APHAonline.org.
  • Showing is more fun with friends! Gather your local APHA family members and enjoy time with your Paints together.

Additional rules governing PAC are available in the Official APHA Rule Book. For additional information or to enroll in the program, visit the PAC homepage or contact Karen Utecht.


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