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Sandy Jirkovsky & Kelly Boles-Chapman elected to APHA Board of Directors

Nominees Sandy Jirkovsky and Kelly Boles-Chapman were elected to the APHA Board of Directors by APHA’s state directors on March 1 at the 2020 APHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. The board of directors (formerly referred to as the Executive Committee) is an elected leadership body that helps set APHA association policy.

Sandy Jirkovsky (third from right) of Whitesboro, Texas, was elected as the Fifth Board Member.

“We can’t simply continue to do what we’ve always done. We need to find new solutions to old problems. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have access to a wide network and resources that will help us make those decisions,” Sandy said. “I’m very excited about the direction APHA is going, and I’m thrilled to be part of this adventure. I’m ready to represent all our members and guide with professionalism, integrity and the desire to do what’s best for the Paint Horse and APHA. Every decision we make must be based on doing what’s best for the horse.”

Kelly Boles-Chapman (second from right) of Bellevue, Michigan, was elected as the Sixth Board Member.

“APHA is really poised to take the next great step,” she said. “The association is truly ready to create broader margins in its mission—there are a number of ways to capitalize and monetize the opportunities that comes with [our move to the Stockyards].”


The APHA Board of Directors for 2020 is as follows:

  • President: Casey West, Abilene, Kansas
  • President-Elect: Alison Umberger, Broad Run, Virginia
  • Vice-President: Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, Knightstown, Indiana
  • Senior Board Member: David Lands, Gloucester, Virginia
  • Fifth Board Member: Sandy Jirkovsky, Whitesboro, Texas
  • Sixth Board Member: Kelly Boles-Chapman, Bellevue, Michigan
  • Immediate Past President: Mike Short, Shiner, Texas


Click here to learn more about the new governance by-laws that went into effect March 1.

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