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Rule change proposals for voting consideration at 2024 APHA Leadership Gathering

The following rule change proposals submitted by APHA members and advisory committees will be considered at the 2024 APHA & AjPHA Leadership Gathering. The applicable committee will review and determine which proposals will pass out of committee for voting by the association’s elected state directors.

The Leadership Gathering takes place February 29-March 3, 2024, in Fort Worth, Texas. State directors must be present to vote.

A summary of rule change proposals follows. Read full rule change proposal text here. 

2024 Rule Change Proposals for Consideration

  •  CONTROL NUMBER: ART. VIII—Reorganizes Zones 12, 13 and 14 to better reflect growing international membership; changes include grouping Israel with Europe in Zone 12, combining Central and South America in Zone 13, and including all other countries in Zone 14.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: GR-070-1—Anyone found in violation of unsportsmanlike conduct and/or inhumane manner or treatment and placed on suspension will be denied access to or presence at any APHA approved show or event.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: RG-070—Removes verbiage requiring minimum areas of contrasting color on a predominantly white horse in order to qualify for APHA Regular Registry.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: RG-090—Allows the use of numbers when naming a horse.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: RG-100—Simplifies and removes duplication of information in the existing RG-100 rule for enhanced readability and comprehension.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-020—Allows dressage and mounted shooting to count toward all APHA perpetual awards.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-055—Eliminates SC-055. Classification of Shows and related APHA Champion award requirements for earning Halter points in A or B classified shows.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-065—Requires assistance by a corresponding Amateur or Youth handler when an Amateur or Youth has multiple eligible horses competing in Grand and Reserve classes.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-090—Removes the exception to mileage restrictions between same-date shows in different European countries.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-090-1—Updates the method of submitting a show application and how to locate judges.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-095—Removes outdated language from the rule book
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-135—Removes the outdated term “sifting” and language about arranging class placings.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-175-1—Allows Open halter classes to be offered as Junior and Senior age divisions.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-175-2—Updates wording to coincide with industry standards
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-180—Removes Exhibitor Group, Sire & Get, and Mare & Foal classes
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-191—Provides shows the option to hold Yearling Longe Line as either a single group class, or split into Hunter Yearling Longe Line and Western Yearling Longe Line.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-192—Allows show producers to combine classes for 2-year-olds and yearlings at 1- or 2-judge shows in all zones.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-201-1—Add “back” to the English Performance gaits
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-214-1—Reduces the minimum allowed height in all over-fences classes except for Hunter Hack.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-246—Remove the bronze horse medal in EWU (Erste Westernreiter Union) from the eligibility exclusion list for Green Western Pleasure and related Green classes.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-257—Creates Green Horse Pattern classes for showmanship, horsemanship and/or hunt-seat equitation.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-301-12—Creates a Ranch Cow Work (box, drive, rope or circle) class.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-302-1—Adds a penalty to Ranch Riding scoring for not performing the specific gait, maneuver, or not stopping when called for in the pattern within 10 feet of the designated location
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-302-2—Removes the international exception that permits crossover between ranch pleasure and Western pleasure at the same show.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: SC-325—Eliminates the Solid Paint-Bred showing divisions. Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred Registry horses would compete and be awarded together.
  • CONTROL NUMBER:  JU-000-1—Requires a designated judge to be responsible for initiating a notification procedure for exhibitors to start a pattern. 
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-080-1—Adjusts the Masters Amateur minimum age to 50.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-020-1—Allows a lessor and lessee to compete with the same horse in separate Amateur and/or Youth divisions at APHA-approved events in Zones 12, 13, and 14.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-071—Modifies award eligibility requirements to permit those who have previously held a Youth or Amateur show card, but have not earned any equine association points, money or titles to remain eligible for Rookie of the Year titles.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-210—Eliminates the requirement for Novice Amateur exhibitors to own the horse they are exhibiting at most approved shows. Points earned would count only toward determining Novice Amateur eligibility and would NOT count toward APHA year-end awards. Ownership requirements for APHA-sponsored shows (i.e. World Show) remain unchanged.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-245—Removes the requirement to hold Novice classes prior to their corresponding Amateur or Youth class.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: AM-300—Adds Working Hunter Over Fences, Ranch Pleasure, Ranch Trail & Ranch Reining to the Amateur Walk-Trot division, to match current rule book class allocation for Youth Walk-Trot
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-075—Removes one- and two-judge show exceptions regarding Youth 13 & Under classes because these stand-alone shows no longer have minimum class requirements.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-085—Requires shows to hold grand and reserve halter classes in the Youth division.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-109—Allows Youth Walk-Trot exhibitors to share a horse when the exhibitors are showing in different age divisions.
  • CONTROL NUMBER: YP-109-2—Removes the two-year limit on Youth Walk-Trot 11-18 division participation.



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