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Riders earn their stars with Ride America year-end awards

The sounds of nature. The sway of your Paint beneath the saddle. The smell of leather and fresh grass…There’s nothing better than spending time with your Paint Horse—especially when doing so brings additional awards and prizes!

These equestrians logged the most time riding or driving their Paint Horses in their respective zones during 2014, and they were honored in the May 2015 issue of the Paint Horse Journal. Winners received an award certificate and a customized saddle blanket. To get started in Ride America, visit apha.com/programs/rideamerica or call (817) 834-2742.

Zone 1—Tristan Troudt
Hours Logged in 2014: 1,262
Hometown: Priest River, Idaho
Horses: An Ace To Win, a 2005 sorrel tobiano gelding by Four Ina Row and out of Scootin Sally, and Will If I Want, a 2008 bay tobiano gelding by Classy Will and out of Scootin Sally

Zone 2—Barbara Lowry
Hours Logged in 2014: 433
Hometown: Red Bluff, California
Horses: Isle Be Perfect Storm, a 1999 sorrel tobiano mare by LGJ Sisco Breeze and out of Merely Perfect, and Wthrs Smoke Thrs Fire, a 2008 black solid mare by Amigos Cody Bar and out of Isle Be Perfect Storm

Zone 3—Cindy Coe
Hours Logged in 2014: 364
Hometown: Cody, Wyoming
Horse: Docs Sugar Ray, a 2007 black tobiano gelding by Rapid Lil Dancer and out of Snowhill Ebony Dancer

Zone 4—Michael Cosgrove
Hours Logged in 2014: 618
Hometown: Dripping Springs, Texas
Horse: Briming Hot Stetson, a 2008 bay overo stallion by Hot Shines On and out of RJ String Bikini

may15phjZone 5—Deborah Larson
Hours Logged in 2014: 443 hours
Hometown: Racine, Minnesota
Horse: One Hot Rodder, a 2007 sorrel overo gelding by Sierras TNT and out of Ms Rodder

Zone 6—Deanna Boyd
Hours Logged in 2014: 1,548
Hometown: Mena, Arkansas
Horses: Jamars Spots, a 1990 dun tobiano mare by Jamars Paint and out of Almosta Five Spot, Shilohs Triple Spots, a 1997 red dun overo gelding by CC Triple Loot and out of Jamars Spots, and Sheza Sierra Gold, a 2003 buckskin tobiano mare by Freckles Cowboy Gold (QH) and out of Jamars Spots

Zone 7—Laura Fitzgerald
Hours Logged in 2014: 290
Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
Horse: The Sonny Side Of Zip, a 2002 brown tobiano gelding by Sonny Dee Rocket (QH) and out of Zippos Lady Bandit

Zone 8—Shirley Hart
Hours Logged in 2014: 970
Hometown: Leesburg, Ohio
Horse: Playboysbuckunleo, a 2008 chestnut tobiano gelding by Gay Bar Rush and out of Breez N Shine

Zone 9—Tammy Dobek
Hours Logged in 2014: 2,587
Hometown: Marianna, Florida
Horses: HR Kidnights Clu, a 2000 black solid mare by Kidnight (QH) and out of Arts Ezmovin Lady, and Kidnight Color Design, a 2008 black tovero stallion by Sparks Flying Dude and out of HR Kidnights Clu

Zone 10—Ainsley Nickel
Hours Logged in 2014: 970
Hometown: Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Horses: Socketts High Socks, a 2000 sorrel overo mare by Socketts Jester and out of Sierra Honey Bar, A Classical Classic, a 2010 black overo mare by A Clayboy Classic and out of Casino Class, and Miami Ink, a 2009 bay overo mare by Cee Cee Boy and out of Jet Babe Trader (QH)

Zone 11—Charlene Davis
Hours Logged in 2014: 136
Hometown: Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada
Horse: Heza CC Image, a 1996 black tobiano gelding by CC Flames and out of Sailing Black Magic (QH)

Zone 12—Fredrika Trollmyr
Hours Logged in 2014: 242
Hometown: Frandefors, Sweden
Horses: Jacs Baby Butte, a 2000 gray solid mare by Little Jacki Favor (QH) and out of Tynes Taurus Baby, Babes Beautifulblonde, a 2006 buckskin tobiano mare by QTS Action King and out of Jacs Baby Butte, and Blue Pony Action, a 2008 bay tobiano mare by QTS Action King and out of Jacs Baby Butte

Zone 14—Lee Ann Hall
Hours Logged in 2014: 130
Hometown: Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia
Horses: HMF Perception, a 2007 sorrel overo gelding by Ratchetts Impresed and out of Fannys Golden Finale (QH), and HMF Tommy Bahama, a 2010 palomino overo stallion by RH MR Imprint and out of Hot Señorita

Meet each Ride America Saddle Star in the May issue of the Paint Horse Journal—find out why they love trail riding and where they go to log their hours. Subscribe, renew or order back issues of the Journal today!


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